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  1. Salty Ice Cream Meaning: Everyday, We Stray Further From God
  2. How Is The Internet Reacting?
  3. Salty Ice Cream Is Not The Only Disturbing Trend On TikTok
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What Is Salty Ice Cream’s Meaning: The Disturbing, Nauseating TikTok Trend

So here’s the story: The other day I was enjoying my TikTok fyp as usual before I bumped into a video captioned “before and after knowing salty ice cream meaning”.

The video got hundreds of thousands of views, with a girl reacting terrified and haunted in the ‘after’ cut. Curiosity got the best of me, then I decided to do a little research. 

Guess what, I usually say TikTokers are overreacting b*tches, but this time they are not! The meaning of this term will haunt me to the day my grave’s grass is greener than an MCU studio.

Salty Ice Cream Meaning: Everyday, We Stray Further From God

If there's one place that has consistently cooked up internet trends over the past few years, it's TikTok. 

Whether it's for better or worse, the platform has served us some of the web's funniest, most heartwarming, controversial, and, let's be honest, cringiest content. And it seems like TikTok's trend train is still chugging along at full speed.

The latest buzz phrase that's sweeping through TikTok like wildfire? "Salty ice cream meaning." But hold on tight because things are about to take a Big Ew turn.

So, What's the Scoop on "Salty Ice Cream" on TikTok?

salty ice cream meaning tiktok Source: Google Images

Let's make this clear upfront: Not everything that trends on TikTok is family-friendly, and "salty ice cream" is a prime example of an NSFW trend on the platform. 

According to Urban Dictionary, the full term, "salty ice cream scooper," is described as "Any individual who partakes in the consumption of, ahem, semen, shall we say, that has been left undisturbed for more than 48 Hours.“

The definition made its debut on the website courtesy of Corey Miller on September 21, 2007.

It appears semen comes in different 'flavors' thanks to some creative donors who've taken their 'flavor' tablets." Yep, you read that right.

Naturally, TikTok users have been reacting to this viral phrase by creating equally viral videos of themselves as they encounter this gross definition. It's a classic case of "What did I just read?" going viral. ????????

How Is The Internet Reacting?

How Is The Internet Reacting? Source: Google Images

A quick scroll through TikTok reveals that hordes of users are equally traumatized after stumbling upon the "salty ice cream meaning."

"Sometimes, learning something new every day isn't necessary in life," lamented one user upon discovering the term's meaning.

"Ummm, I strongly advise against looking it up," cautioned another user.

"I guess I don't regret my curiosity," quipped a third TikTok adventurer.

How Is The Internet Reacting? Source: Google Images

We could certainly have lived our lives without this newfound knowledge about "salty ice cream," but in the unpredictable realm of the internet, it's just another day, isn't it?

So why did it suddenly get trending on TikTok?

TikTok videos on salty ice cream emerged in late 2022 and nobody really knows who or what started the trend. Yet, some notable videos have amassed millions of views and caused a huge spike in Google searches for the term.

Salty Ice Cream Is Not The Only Disturbing Trend On TikTok Source: Google Images

TikTok nowadays is a rather NSFW place and “salty ice cream” is not the only beast in its wasteland. Another disturbing trend emerging from this platform is “vabbing”.

While it's gained massive popularity through the ever-entertaining, time-consuming world of video-sharing on platforms like TikTok, vabbing isn't a new concept. 

Vabbing, short for vaginal dabbing, is the practice of strategically applying vaginal fluid to specific areas like the wrists or behind the ear. Advocates of this practice believe it can make individuals more attractive to potential romantic or sexual partners.

Before becoming a viral sensation online, vabbing had already been discussed in books. TikToker Mandy Lee is credited with bringing vabbing to social media, and now more women are sharing stories of how men have seemingly fallen head over heels for them thanks to this unconventional seduction technique. 

In one video, TikToker and YouTuber Palesa Moon recounts how vabbing drove her blind date wild, while prominent vabbing advocate Jewliah claims men are lavishing her with gifts and compliments. But is there any truth to these claims? I honestly don’t know.

Another NSFW trend is the mascara trend. If you're feeling utterly perplexed by the numerous conversations about people's age when they began using a makeup product or the harm it has inflicted on them, you're certainly not alone.

Salty Ice Cream Is Not The Only Disturbing Trend On TikTok Source: Google Images

As it happens, this is a coded language. It's a method people are employing to bypass the app's well-known stringent content moderation rules in order to talk about sex and their romantic history.

In short:

Mascara represents sex or a sexual partner.

Mascara wand symbolizes a dong.

Wandless mascara refers to sex with women or people with vulvas, or sexual partners who aren't men or don't have penises.

Lip gloss signifies women. For instance, saying "I've never really used mascara, I'm more of a lip gloss person" could mean that someone prefers dating or having intimate relations with women.


salty ice cream tiktok meaning

Okay, so now having known the “salty ice cream meaning”, do you feel better? Hope I didn’t ruin your innocent mind and your perception of regular ice cream from now on. 

It’s not the best thing to learn in the world, but hey, at least you also learned that sometimes it’s best not to let curiosity get the best of you, right?

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