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  1. #1. Ryan Gosling Stole The Show At The 2024 Critics Choice Award Ceremony
  2. #2. What’s The Internet Reaction To Gosling’s Reaction?
  3. #3. Barbie And “I’m Just Ken” Are A Perfect Match Made In Heaven

Ryan Gosling’s Hilarious Critic Choice Award Reaction Is Top-Tier Meme Material

The 2024 Golden Globe Award ceremony that took place last week was an absolute wild ride, with full of chaos and surprising moments. From Jo Koy’s tactless Barbie joke to Meryl Streep’s Wakanda Forever gesture, every moment of the 81st Golden Globe Award is in a league of its own.
However, all of these moments are overshadowed by Ryan Gosling’s hysterical reaction when his original song in Barbie, “I’m Just Ken”, won the Best Original Song Award just one week later. The fact that Gosling’s song won the award is already baffling for many, and the actor’s priceless reaction makes it ten times better. Let’s learn more about Ryan Gosling’s meme-worthy expression below, and what the actor got to say about the award.

#1. Ryan Gosling Stole The Show At The 2024 Critics Choice Award Ceremony

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To the surprise of many, Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt’s “I’m Just Ken” came out on top with the 2024 Critics Choice Awards. While the song is easily one of the best sequences in Barbie, it was made with more of a comedic purpose, so many were astounded to hear it won an award, for best original song, no less.
And of course, the camera immediately turned to Gosling, the song’s performer, and caught him making a somewhat confused look. With a hilariously deadpan reaction, he averted his eyes simultaneously and then glanced at the camera. The fact that Gosling maintained this poker face even when everyone else was applauding him makes the situation even funnier.
Ryan Gosling Barbie Source: Warner Bros.
Then, the Barbie star stood up, shook his head, and applauded Ronson and Wyatt alongside others. On stage, Ronson was quick to heap praise on Gosling for his stellar musical performance as well.
"Ryan Gosling, this is as much your award as ours. You made the audience fall in love with this song with your matchless performance, so thank you,” said a jubilant Ronson. The artist also thanked director Greta Gerwig, Noah Baumbach, and Gosling’s co-star Margot Robbie for spending 11 minutes “so the boy could cry and holds hands a little.”

#2. What’s The Internet Reaction To Gosling’s Reaction?

What’s The Internet Reaction To Gosling’s Reaction? Source: ELLE
Of course, Gosling’s hilarious reaction didn’t escape the gaze of fans. Many find the actor’s deadpan reaction endearing and very Gosling-like, and the iconic moment quickly went viral on the Internet.
“Bro was flabbergasted he thought it was a prank,” said @tylerduran21. 
“I can literally smell the memes already…” @FelixNeumaier2 commented.
The “I’m Just Ken” sequence in the Barbie movie is already an extremely meme-able material moment, and Gosling’s humorous reaction elevates it to a whole new level. No wonder the Internet is crazy about it.

#3. Barbie And “I’m Just Ken” Are A Perfect Match Made In Heaven

Barbie And “I’m Just Ken” Are A Perfect Match Made In Heaven Source: Warner Bros.
Barbie swept the floor at the Critics Choice Awards, with 18 nominations. One week prior to the Critics Choice Awards, Barbie also dominated at the 81st Golden Globes with six nominations and three wins. The song “I’m Just Ken” is also nominated for Best Song Written for Visual Media at the upcoming 66th Annual Grammy Awards, which will be held on February 24.
Ryan Gosling portrays Ken, the male counterpart of Barbie from Mattel’s popular toy franchise. Throughout the movie, Ken always suffers from his existential crisis and inferiority complex compared to Barbie, even though he’s fully aware of his “perfectness”. “I’m Just Ken” is what producer Mark Ronson came up with after he read the script and sympathized with the character.
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“‘I'm just Ken / Anywhere else I'd be a 10.’ It just seemed funny. It felt a little bit emo, like, this poor guy. He’s so hot, but can’t get the time of day,” shared Ronson. It is reported that Gosling also had only two to three hours to record the track, and he delivered brilliantly.
Do you think Gosling’s “I’m Just Ken” should have won the Critics Choice Award? Tell us more in the comments.
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