18 Times People Were So Rude, They Got Called Out Online

The world has room for both kind and rude people. But rude people always find ways to cross the line, and that's more than others could tolerate. When you go to supermarkets or restaurants, it's easy to stumble into infuriating sights that can immediately make your blood boil. Some people let their children stand on the table, some take things from one shelf and put them on another, and some even sit on items.
In the gallery below, we compiled 18 examples of times people were so rude, they got called out online for their terrible behaviors. Take a deep breath before scrolling down to see! When you're done reading, check out our previous post here!

#1. This woman who planted her buns on real buns

Source: PeePeePooPooMan42

#2. Saw a guy change his shoes out for a new pair and walk out

Source: My_2_Centz

#3. Just put his *ss right on my desk at work.

Source: DCnTILLY

#4. This guy is making a salad in the bathroom? Really gross...

Source: SithLee

#5. Parents at the restaurant allowing their children to walk on the table

Source: mooko

#6. Found this in the clothing area

Source: Honest_Ad_7228

#7. I don't want to know more

Source: breeyag

#8. Kind of makes you want to hit their car just to see if they are about it or not.

Source: ChickenScrxtch82

#9. Not sure why I expected a gum-free shopping cart from my local Walmart

Source: turtle_ina_cup

#10. These influencers are becoming quite trashy indeed…

Source: Iglooke1999

#11. Someone bit the soap

Source: JohnW305

#12. Slippery When Wet

Source: KetoClutch

#13. NYC Street Meat

Source: 109ODylan

#14. This guy staring through the cracks at the girls working at McDonalds

Source: hollowhero_

#15. Caught one in the wild. Hidden at the self checkout.

Source: odinknight89

#16. Welcome to Atlanta

Source: SatanIsMyUsername

#17. Local coffee shop bathroom

Source: rrsafety

#18. Public but strong Walmart vibes

Source: hansgrubermustdie

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