17 People Who Were So Unforgivably Lazy, They Ended Up Getting Called Out Online

Recent research shows that in this day and age, people get much lazier than before. It's very alarming because, in this society, where hard work and productivity are highly valued, people with laziness will sooner or later be replaced. With that in mind, there are some lazy people who don't seem to have any common sense, they just do things their way and that's very infuriating to see. From half-screwing the lids to leaving the shopping carts in the wrong place to throwing pet poop everywhere in the neighborhood. The results could not only negatively affect themselves but also others.
To provide you with real-life examples, we’ve compiled a list of unacceptably lazy people who got called out on the Internet. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. Did she purchase or put back any of the books?... Of course not.

Source: Swaggie-J

#2. "Pulled the foil off of this to see what was in it and it’s empty!! And still in the fridge!"

Source: SneezyHydra

#3. "People at the dog park I go to are too lazy to put their poop bags in the trash can so they hang them on the fence"

Source: TurkayLurkay

#4. "We call this one, “The Landlord Supremo”

Source: marblesbykeys

#5. "I will pass on the lunch meat.. thanks anyway."

Source: alien_eye

#6. Multiple reasons why you should put your cart back

Source: Sarah Coffey Pruett

#7. This guy wasn’t about to let 13 inches of snow or laziness stop him from getting to work on time.

Source: reddit

#8. Every day this lady walks her dog and throws its poop in the same tree.

Source: reddit

#9. People who abandon their unwanted groceries in the freezer, causing them to explode and become unsellable

Source: SchuminWeb

#10. "My wife never fully screws the lids back onto anything..."

Lazy PeopleSource: EchoJXTV

#11. People who do this are just the worst

Source: All_dex_no_flex

#12. "I live with monsters"

Lazy PeopleSource: Giryee

#13. "I was gone for a few days and I guess no one did any dishes."

Source: Chilldori

#14. Too lazy to adjust the clocks for winter

Lazy PeopleSource: digdilem

#15. Love having roommates...

Lazy PeopleSource: flergityberg

#16. "Ain’t my job to cut trees. I paint the lines."

Lazy PeopleSource: Riresurmort

#17. Excellent wheel coverage!

Lazy PeopleSource: Riresurmort

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