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  1. Who Is Rory Millikin? Friend And Business Partner Of Jeremy Renner
  2. Rory Milikin's Age
  3. Rory Millikin's Career
  4. Rory Millikin's Net Worth
  5. Rory Milikin's Wife / Ex-wife
  6. Rory Millikin’s Girlfriend
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Rory Millikin Wikipedia: Net Worth, Wife, And Friendship With Jeremy Renner

Rory Millikin is great pals with Jeremy Renner, the Avengers actor. Rory had no idea who Jeremy was when they met a few years ago, and instead of taking offense, he joked that they would never see one another again or that they would be the greatest of friends. The two eventually merged to become the latter. Even better, they currently co-star in and co-produce the Rory Millikin-Jeremy Renner show: Rennervations, a Disney+ original series.


Who Is Rory Millikin? Friend And Business Partner Of Jeremy Renner

Who Is Rory Millikin? Source: Disney+

Rory Millikin collaborated with Jeremy Renner and his team of builders, as well as numerous organizations, to turn trash vehicles such as buses and fire engines into mobile music studios, a water filtration unit, and other features.

Rory praised his renowned buddy, saying that Jeremy was constantly thinking of ways to transform automobiles into great business concepts geared towards the community or kids without being the focus of attention. Regarding shooting this program with him despite the short turnaround, he stated that they recorded everything in real time, with no "here's the scene, this is what you're doing."

Rory Millikin Rennervation Source: Getty

They "hit it off," in Rory's words, after meeting through a mutual acquaintance.

Rory is a co-host and executive producer of the show. All of the cars in the series were purchased at auction and held by a friend of Rory's until they were brought in to be transformed into something radically different from what they were designed for. And in all of this, Rory is his companion.


Rory Milikin's Age

Rory C. Millikin was born in October 1968. Therefore, in 2023, he would be 55 years old.


Rory Millikin's Career

Rory Millikin's LinkedIn profile states that he is a serial entrepreneur, an award-winning innovator, the developer of groundbreaking technology, the holder of multiple patents, and a CBD and THC pioneer.

Beginning in November 2021, he was co-founder and president of TruCelium Inc. in British Columbia, Canada. Rory is a co-founder of many cannabis firms, including Vero Naturals, cannabisMD, God Is Green, and Miracle.

Furthermore, he is still the company's founder. He devised, patented, and received major honors for revolutionary commercial food innovations utilized by corporations such as McDonald's, A&W, Mark George Foreman, and Middleby Corporation.


Rory Millikin's Net Worth

Rory Millikin's net worth is believed to be $10 million as a result of his work as a producer, entrepreneur, and host. As a result of his riches, Rory enjoys a luxury lifestyle.


Rory Milikin's Wife / Ex-wife

Raquel Millikin of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, was Rory Millikin's previous wife.

Raquel is currently an interior/exterior decorator/designer with Isabey Interiors - Interior design and house decorating in Kelowna, British Columbia. She is also the mother of three of Rory's children. Rory describes these youngsters as her greatest delight. On social media, she is occasionally spotted with them.

Furthermore, it appears that Rory and his ex-wife divorced in September 2014. Rory used social media at the time to discuss a weekend project he was working on in his ex-wife's basement for the kids. He remarked that considering he had "no idea" what he was doing, it worked out rather good. After Rory and Raquel divorced, the latter moved on and married a guy called David Pfuetzner.

Rory and Sophia Millikin's children - rory millikin Source: IMDb

As a result, he and his ex-wife, Rory, have three children: two daughters and a son. The youngest is London, and she was the only one present for Rory and Jeremy's Rennervations debut in April 2023.

Sophia Millikin, also known as @sophiamillikin on Instagram, is a Bachelor of Science student at the University of British Columbia - Okanagan Campus. Her family was overjoyed when she and her team won the bronze medal in the British Columbia Provincial Soccer Tournament in 2018. Jackie, her brother, appears to be interested in soccer as well.

In June 2022, Jackie was 17 years old.


Rory Millikin’s Girlfriend

After his and Raquel's marriage ended, Rory Millikin dated numerous of them. Kristin Leigh Pagel was one of them. On December 4, 2013, he began seeing her. He brags about this event in her life on her Facebook page. Later, on their first anniversary, the couple was seen enjoying at Sparkling Hills Resort. Rory was not seen with the Geneva, Illinois native again on social media after that.

He also stated his relationship status on Facebook as "single" at the time of writing.


Rory Millikin FAQs

1. Where Is Rory Millikin From?

Rory Millikin is a native of Calgary. If you're unfamiliar, it's a metropolitan Alberta metropolis with several skyscrapers, as well as the heart of Canada's oil sector.

He was, nevertheless, residing in Kelowna, British Columbia, as of 2023.

2. How Tall Is Rory Milikin?

Rory Millikin is 6’2″.

3. Is Rory Millikin On Instagram And Facebook?

Rory Millikin has been on Instagram and Facebook since April 16, 2023. His IG @officialrorymillikin included 40 posts and 1081 followers, and also showed some snippets of his life on Facebook ‘Rory Millikin’.

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