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  1. Who Is Katy From Letterkenny?
  2. Meet Robyn Michelle Mylett As Katy In Letterkenny

Who Played Katy From Letterkenny? Meet Robyn Michelle Mylett

Katy from Letterkenny is a character that won over people with her special way about her and wit. Portrayed by the talented Robyn Michelle Mylett, Katy is a noticeable character in the world of television. But who exactly is Robyn Michelle Mylett, and how did she bring Katy to life? Let's delve into the world of Letterkenny and discover the story behind this fascinating character and the actress who played her.


Who Is Katy From Letterkenny?

Katy From Letterkenny Source: New Metric Media
Katy is portrayed as Wayne's younger sister and a key member of the Hicks. Known for her strong and confident nature, Katy often finds herself in the middle of their jokes, yet maintains her style. She's known for her bold outfits, reflecting her confidence, despite her brother's disapproval.
Her looking out for others is especially evident in her relationship with her brother, Wayne. Katy is always there to help, encouraging Wayne to re-enter the dating scene. Her really interesting character is highlighted in her relationships, where she takes charge.
Katy's backstory includes winning spelling bees and a brief modeling career, making it more interesting. Her bisexuality and open approach to relationships are key parts of her identity, contributing to the show's story that includes everyone. Katy's character is a blend of humor, sincerity, and lots of different sides, making her a relatable and really popular character in the series.

Meet Robyn Michelle Mylett As Katy In Letterkenny

Michelle Mylett As Katy In Letterkenny Source: Getty Images
Robyn Michelle Mylett, born on January 4, 1989, in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada, is the actress behind the really popular character Katy in "Letterkenny." Before her role that made her famous in Letterkenny, Mylett's journey in the Entertainment industry began with a cheerleading stint for the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League, followed by her acting debut in the 2013 film "Antisocial."
Mylett's portrayal of Katy in "Letterkenny" has been the role she's known for in her career, earning her a nomination for a big award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series in 2020. Her performance as Katy showcases her ability to bring realness and connection to a character that could easily have been one-dimensional.
In addition to her on-screen roles, Mylett tries out new things, starring in "The Complex," an interactive video game by Wales Interactive. This role highlights her ready to try new things and explore different mediums of storytelling.

Robyn Michelle Mylett’s TV Shows & Movies

  • "Letterkenny" (2016–2022) as Katy
  • "The Complex: Lockdown" (2020) as Dr. Amy Tennant
  • "Was I Really Kidnapped?" (2019) as Elle Whitland
  • "Goliath" (2019) as Violet Walker
  • "Littlekenny" (2019) as Young Katy (voice)
  • "El Camino Christmas" (2017) as Kate Daniels
  • "The Curse of Buckout Road" (2017) as Becky
  • "Bad Blood" (2017) as Sophie
  • "Kiss and Cry" (2017) as Gift Shop Employee
  • "Four in the Morning" (2016) as Jamie
  • "5 Films About Technology" (2016) as Jenny

Personal Life

Robyn Michelle Mylett leads a life that reflects her character on screen's strong and confident spirit. Residing in British Columbia with her dog Clemintine, Mylett enjoys a balance between her professional endeavors and personal life. Her journey from a small town in Vancouver Island to becoming a well-known face in the Canadian entertainment industry shows how dedicated she is and her talent.


In her personal life, Mylett is known to be in a relationship with Jesse Antler. Despite becoming more famous, she and Antler are staying out of the spotlight, focusing on their private life away from the public eye. Being private adds a bit of a mystery to Mylett, much like her character Katy in "Letterkenny."
Michelle Mylett boyfriendSource: unknown


Mylett's presence extends beyond the screen to social media, where she connects with her fans and shares peeks into her life and thoughts. With over 300K followers on Instagram, she continues to motivate and encourage her audience.

Robyn Michelle Mylett's journey as Katy in "Letterkenny" and her diverse roles in other projects highlight her many talents and hard work as an actress. Her personal life, marked by a balance between staying private and public engagement, adds to her appeal as today's famous star. As she continues to explore new roles and projects, Mylett remains someone to keep an eye on in the entertainment industry.

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