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Letterkenny Season 12 Release Date Confirmed: Bidding Farewell

Letterkenny, the beloved Canadian comedy that has captured hearts around the world, is set to bid farewell with its upcoming 12th season. The announcement of the final season came alongside the release date for the last episodes, marking a bittersweet moment for fans.

Release Date & Where To Watch

LetterkennySource: Hulu

In a bittersweet announcement, the creators of the beloved Canadian comedy "Letterkenny" have confirmed that the upcoming 12th season will mark the end of the show. All six episodes of Letterkenny Season 12 are scheduled to drop on December 26th, 2023, on Hulu, the popular streaming platform in the United States. For Canadian fans, the series will be available a day earlier on December 25th, 2023, on Crave, offering a fitting Christmas present for dedicated viewers.

What To Expect From Season 12

The upcoming season promises the trademark humor and antics that have made Letterkenny a cultural phenomenon. The small town of Letterkenny, Ontario, will face new challenges, including a comedy night at Modean’s, the influence of the Degens, a country music hit, the debut of a new nightclub, and an encore at the Ag Hall. Fans can expect a rollercoaster of laughter and Entertainment as the series takes its final bow.
As with previous seasons, viewers can expect witty banter, absurd scenarios, and the signature Canadian charm that defines "Letterkenny."

Cast And Crew

The familiar faces of Letterkenny will return for the last hurrah, with Jared Keeso leading the cast as Wayne. The ensemble includes Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, K Trevor Wilson, Dylan Playfair, Andrew Herr, Tyler Johnston, Evan Stern, Mark Forward, and Tiio Horn. Their chemistry has been a cornerstone of the show’s success, and fans can anticipate a memorable conclusion to their characters' journeys.
Created by Jared Keeso, who also serves as executive producer, co-writer, and star, Letterkenny is a product of New Metric Media. Jacob Tierney, an executive producer, director, and co-writer, has been instrumental in shaping the show's distinctive style. Mark Montefiore serves as executive producer, and Kara Haflidson is the producer for New Metric Media.

Legacy and Impact

Since its debut in 2016, Letterkenny has become a cultural touchstone, blending humor, wit, and a unique Canadian charm. With 75 episodes and seven holiday specials, the show has not only entertained but also resonated with audiences worldwide. Letterkenny has spawned spin-offs, including the animated prequel Littlekenny and the hockey-centric Shoresy, underscoring its enduring popularity.

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