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  1. Who’s Rio Da Yung OG?
  2. Why's Rio Da Yung Og's In Jail? What’s His Crime?
  3. Where’s Rio Da Yung OG Now?
  4. When's Rio Da Yung OG's Release Date?
  5. How Old Is Rio Da Yung OG?
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What's Rio Da Yung's OG Release Date? What We Know About Rio Da Yung OG's Case

Rio Da Yung OG, a talented rapper and songwriter, is now facing the repercussions of his wrongdoings, as he’s sentenced to five years in prison. However, there is still a lot of information regarding Rio’s case that is shrouded in mystery.

What crime did Rio Da Yung OG commit? When did he start serving his sentence? When will he be free? This article has you covered.


Who’s Rio Da Yung OG?

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Rio Da Yung OG’s real name is Da’mario Donshay Horne-McCullough, and he comes from Flint, Michigan. He’s a rapper and songwriter, who signed for Boyz Entertainment LLC. Rio Da Yung OG was his stage name when he signed for the label. 

Rio kickstarted his music career at a young age, and according to the artist, he was heavily influenced by Team Eastside Peezy, who encouraged him to follow his rap career as a way to earn a living.


Why's Rio Da Yung Og's In Jail? What’s His Crime?

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Rio Da Yung OG's career had a great start with his hit albums such as City on My Back and Fiend Lives Matter. However, it all crumbled when the rapper was arrested due to possession of a handgun with “intent to distribute controlled substances” back in January 2019. In his Instagram story, he revealed that he’ll begin his sentence in the summer of 2021.

According to a grand jury indictment in February 2019 of Michigan federal court documents, the rapper was charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and to distribute cocaine base and heroin alongside five other people. 

One year later, Rio entered into a plea deal that dropped his charge in favor of a guilty plea. In the end, he admitted his guilt for possessing a firearm to promote a drug trafficking offense and consented to a 60-month sentence.


Where’s Rio Da Yung OG Now?

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A sentencing memorandum noted that Rio had two prior marijuana-related offenses and a solid employment history. It also revealed that he has worked for three years at Chrysler, and has a “lucrative” music career. 

Rio seemed to acknowledge the sentence, and was hoping for a probation or an early release thanks to his fairly clean record for the last two years. 

“I’m doing 5 years for some shit I ain’t know was going on but I take full responsibility cause I know what comes wit this street shit, Thank you god for putting me through this situation cause it really opened my eyes and show me how to deal wit people,” he wrote on Instagram on January 7, 2021.


When's Rio Da Yung OG's Release Date?

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When does rio get out of jail?

Rio Da Yung OG started serving his sentence in summer 2021, so it’s still a long way for the rapper to return to society. The exact date of his release isn’t yet confirmed, but we can safely assume that he’ll be free in 2024, maybe even sooner if he gets probation.


How Old Is Rio Da Yung OG?

Rio Da Yung OG was born on May 11, 1994, in Flint, Michigan. He’s currently 29 years old. He has a son and a daughter.

Prior to his arrest, Rio had quite a successful music career, with popular hits such as Legendary, Last Day Out, and Paranoid. His albums also sell well, with City on My Back and 2 Faced being the prime examples. 

As of now, Rio remains one of Michigan’s best rappers, his songs gaining millions of streams on platforms such as Spotify. He also has done numerous collaborations with other popular artists, such as KrispyLife Kidd, RMC Mike, Louie Ray, and YN Jay.



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Rio Da Yung OG had a great career with much potential ahead of him, however, his progress has been halted due to the recent firearm incident. With his rapping talent and commitment, hopefully, he can bounce back when he is finally released.

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