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  1. Rick Ross' Daughter Pregnant at 17
  2. Did Toie Roberts and Lil Poppa Break Up?

Is Rick Ross’ Daughter, Toie Roberts, Pregnant at 14?

"Despite what's been going around, Rick Ross’ daughter, Toie Roberts, was not pregnant at the age of 14. People started guessing following a misunderstanding spread because of online chatter. However, the truth is that Toie Roberts, born on March 17, 2002, became a mother later on, not during her early teens.

Key Takeaways

  • Toie Roberts, Rick Ross' daughter, faced rumors of pregnancy at 14, later confirmed to be untrue.
  • Confirmed pregnant at 17, Toie's situation ignited reactions, revealing the influence of social media on public perception.
  • Rumors about her relationship with Lil Poppa lack evidence, showing the delicate nature of privacy for public figures.

Rick Ross' Daughter Pregnant at 17

rick ross daughter pregnant at 14 Source: Toie Ashanti

In September 2019, it was reported that Rick Ross' eldest daughter, Toie Roberts, was expecting a child at the age of 17. This news was confirmed when Toie's mother, Lastonia Leviston, shared a congratulatory message on social media along with a photo of Toie's baby bump.

The development got all sorts of responses, especially seen through Rick Ross' social media activity. Despite the online buzz, Toie urged her followers not to make assumptions based on social media actions, emphasizing the solid backing of her family.

Why People Thought Toie Roberts Was Pregnant at 14?

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The misconception about Toie Roberts being pregnant at 14 came from a bunch of rumors and online guesses. Tia Kemp, an ex-partner of Rick Ross, played a role in spreading this rumor. She implied that Toie was pregnant at a very young age, which was further spread by discussions on social media platforms. However, these claims were groundless and just not true.

Did Toie Roberts and Lil Poppa Break Up?

Regarding the relationship between Rick Ross' daughter, Toie Roberts, and rapper Lil Poppa, there is limited public information. While both are prominent figures in their own right, they have kept their personal stuff pretty secret.

It's essential to handle carefully any guesses about their relationship. As of now, there's no solid proof to suggest any specific nature of their relationship more than what they tell everyone."

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