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  1. When Will The Movie Come Out?
  2. Is There A Trailer For The Movie?
  3. Laughter Through Time: Rhys Darby And The Cast Takes You To The Future
  4. A Hilarious Take on Time Travel
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Time-Travel Chaos Unleashed: Relax, I'm From The Future! Cast, Plot & Other Details

Prepare for a comedic journey through time like no other as Luke Higginson's "Relax, I'm From The Future" takes center stage.

Meet Casper, a time traveler who's anything but prepared for his temporal escapades, leading to a comically chaotic adventure. Join us as we delve into the peculiar world of Casper and his unique approach to time travel.

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Release DateSeptember 22, 2023
IMDB Score7.8/10
GenreComedy | Action | Sci-fi
Director | Writer
Luke Higginson
Lead Actor/ActressRhys Darby Gabrielle Graham

When Will The Movie Come Out?

The Sci-fi comedy is set to hit the screens and digital platforms on September 22, 2023. On this date, audiences will have the opportunity to dive into the zany world of time travel with Casper and Holly. 


Is There A Trailer For The Movie?

The trailer promises a fun and enjoyable experience as well as the authenticity of the Toronto setting is appreciated, particularly the CN Tower is proudly featured. Rhys Darby's presence in the film has generated enthusiasm, and viewers are eager to witness his performance.


Laughter Through Time: Rhys Darby And The Cast Takes You To The Future

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The movie will star Rhys Darby, a renowned New Zealand actor and comedian known for his energetic physical comedy and roles in "Yes Man," and "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle." He also stars in the HBO Max series "Our Flag Means Death."

Gabrielle Graham, a talented Canadian actress recognized for her work in "The Expanse" and "21 Thunder," joins the cast. Together, they bring humor and charisma to this time travel comedy. 

Here is a detailed list of the cast members:

  • Rhys Darby as Casper
  • Gabrielle Graham as Holly
  • Julian Richings as Percy
  • Janine Theriault as Doris
  • Zachary Bennett as Chuck
  • Louisa Zhu as Alana
  • Marye Barton as Betty

A Hilarious Take on Time Travel

The Sci-fi comedy follows the misadventures of Casper, an ill-prepared time traveler who finds himself trapped in the past. In his temporal escapades, he befriends Holly, who seizes the opportunity to exploit his knowledge of the future for quick gains.

Their newfound fun takes an unexpected turn when they encounter Doris, another time traveler. Together, they must confront the consequences of their actions and decide whether to embrace the future or alter it.



"Relax, I'm From The Future" brings a fresh twist to the time travel genre, where hilarity ensues as a bumbling time traveler navigates an uncharted journey through the past. Luke Higginson's debut feature film promises an offbeat and entertaining experience that showcases the unexpected consequences of messing with time.

With a talented cast and a unique comedic touch, this film is sure to leave audiences both laughing and contemplating the intricacies of time travel.

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