20 Examples Of 'Red Neck Engineering' That Actually Worked

Hey, if it works, it's not stupid, do you agree? We tend to describe ourselves as huge believers that if something functions well in an extraordinary way, then we would appreciate it no matter how ridiculous those things might look. It is because, at the end of the day, our sole aim is just to get the job done and guess what, every single problem is already tackled now. Of course, we are here with some examples to show you.
In the gallery below, we've got another feature of r/redneckengineering, a subreddit dedicated exclusively to showing off the most bizarre and hilarious-looking DIY solutions to many of life’s problems. Scroll down to see our selection of the best ones! Check out our previous post here!

#1. Anti-theft device

Source: Pvp-pissed-Off0997

#2. The rider doesn't have to worry about any wind buffeting

Source: bacondavis

#3. Buddy found this in one of his units


#4. Entry-level redneck engineering

Source: KingCodyBill

#5. Hyundai Palletside

Source: Mall_Separate

#6. Going thru papers at work and…

Source: Opticwarfare96

#7. That is some next level redneck engineering

Source: KingCodyBill

#8. That's some nice cooling system

Source: arnoldsomen

#9. Found this in my school

Source: AverageKrupukEnjoyer

#10. Someone's tailgate repurposed as a pull-down bus stop bench for the kids

Source: lskerlkse

#11. Friend's car mirror got hit by a falling tree branch

Source: clutchdeve

#12. I need to pull over, my mirror is at 2%

Source: EnigmaticDaze

#13. Brand new kettle

Source: gatic_cze

#14. Boss said to trim those hedges

Source: GeneOtheGreen

#15. My friend needed a temporary bridge for his bass and LEGOs did the trick

Source: the_messiah_waluigi

#16. When you’ve gotta pick up the groceries and the kids but the damn judge done took your license

Source: 4theartstudios

#17. My brain surprisingly works once in a while

Source: ToshiyukiDoma

#18. Should be no problem!

Source: arnoldsomen

#19. My grandpa made my dad a windchime

Source: helado_frito101

#20. Redneck engineering at a Thai restaurant in Florida

Source: barebackbandit1

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