17 People Who Shared Their Genius Solutions To Every Problem

Life is hard but humans are harder. Indeed, life is full of challenges and difficulties just to test our endurance and to see how we deal with them. But humans with their creativity will somehow find a way to eventually overcome everything. In other words, creativity will help people solve a lot of problems that happen to them in daily life. We don't know what you think but from our point of view, the people listed below deserve a hefty bonus for their creative and original methods of finding quick solutions in everyday circumstances.
Scroll down to see our selection of 17 genius solutions people came up with when they were stuck in difficult situations. If you want more of the same, check out our previous post here!

#1. "It's getting a lot colder up here in Canada, so my little brother decided to improvise."

genius solutionsSource: MrGmanFreeman

#2. "Seeing how birth defects are popular all of a sudden, I've been considering getting this as a tattoo."

genius solutionsSource: monsterbear42

#3. "My daughter fixed her cousin's barbie after the head popped off and would not reattach."

genius solutionsSource: TheJanks

#4. "Our cat has become SUPER clingy now that we both work from home. We had to improvise..."

genius solutionsSource: bubobaby

#5. "It stormed during the eclipse so my dad improvised."

genius solutionsSource: djbootybutt

#6. "Behold, my friend's butt razor!"

genius solutionsSource: Kylenbror

#7. The package said it was a "screen protector"!

Source: MJP02nj

#8. Washing machine lid fixed

Source: eletric-chariot

#9. Green button

Source: LaLongueCarabine

#10. "Our facility manager solved all of our confusion with the bathroom lock."

Source: joelvan77

#11. "Boot glue didn't hold, so I'm making it through the day this way"

Source: suspicious_cabbage

#12. Got a new headlight

Source: Hoshui

#13. When you own a welder, nothing is ever really broken.

Source: JayDee240

#14. Nothing is more permanent than a temporary fix that works

Source: mal_licious

#15. "My phone broke (purple line on the screen) but then I fixed it!"

Source: edgesandleaks

#16. "I had an ugly view of a concrete wall, now it's just like living at the beach!"

Source: edie_the_egg_lady

#17. "Had to improvise when I didn't have a banana to use for scale when I was selling a cage on Craigslist."

Source: edie_the_egg_lady

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