Ranking 10 Villains That Ordinary People Find Attractive

Ever felt awkward expressing your crush on a villainous character?
When it comes to a villain, you might picture a cunning, evildoer with a grin, hatching a plan to eliminate the "good guy."
Understanding what makes a person become a "good person" and how to analyze particular characters is difficult. Hollywood frequently simplifies the problem by eliminating moral ambiguities, but it seems now and then there is a villain that, well, kind of deserves our support. They may be acting with some semblance of reason, or they may simply be very attractive and excellent at seducing us with their slick manner.
Remember, not everything has to be around right and wrong. This is Entertainment. And occasionally, we prefer character over actions. Why worry about ethics and morality when we can slobber over how amazing a specific villain is instead?
According to one study, people are generally attracted to their darker selves. This enables us to safely admit our negative traits. So you're not alone if you like villains. The top 10 Villains That Ordinary People Find Attractive are listed below.

#10 Gaston

Villains That Ordinary People Find AttractiveSource: © Beauty and the Beast / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producer

“In any other framing, he’s the hero. The dude does nothing wrong other than assume the beast is a villain, which, to be fair, isn’t an unreasonable assumption.” © Reviewingremy / Reddit

#9 Jim Moriarty

Jim MoriartySource: © Sherlock / Hartswood Films and co-producers

“He’s hot. Plus, he’s witty, smart, and incredibly charismatic. But I think what cements it for me is that behind all the swagger, he is a deeply damaged and vulnerable person who is intensely lonely. That’s a pretty potent combination.” © puritypersimmon / Reddit
“I went to the Sherlock Holmes museum when I was in London. They had wax figures of some characters. Moriarty was just an older guy with a mustache. I was like, ’Oh, right, I guess he wasn’t supposed to be hot originally.’” © emtheje***hic / Reddit
“First of all, I love how the actor portrays him, unpredictable and so many emotions. Think I love Moriarty’s intelligence, playfulness, mysteriousness, and character.” © Catdreamz / Reddit

#8 Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix LestrangeSource: © Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince / Warner Bros. and co-producer

“Helena Bonham Carter was the perfect choice for Bellatrix. If anything, the cinematic writing failed to capture her complexities on screen fully.” © Practical-Ship814 / Reddit
“Helena Bonham Carter was the perfect-est Bellatrix ever, and no one can tell me differently!” © HarryPottersElbows / Reddit
“Bellatrix was always described as someone who had once been beautiful, who only had remnants of beauty leftover from Azkaban. I thought the movie portrayal was perfect.” © MallowsweetNiffler / Reddit

#7 Pennywise

PennywiseSource: © It / New Line Cinema and co-producers, © Tinseltown /

“I think Bill Skarsgard’s IT is hot. I think the creepy part is most of the appeal for me.” © Apprehensive-Theme38 / Reddit
“New Pennywise is cute, Bill Skarsgard is hot. Maybe I have a thing for clowns, lol.”
© Roselovesreading1 / Reddit
“To be fair, Bill Skarsgard has that weird, Steve Buscemi magnetism going for him where he looks weird but oozes charisma and charm.” © PomfAndCircvmstance / Reddit

#6 Joker

JokerSource: © The Dark Knight / Warner Bros. and co-producers

“He has a sense of style to everything he does — how he moves, how he dresses.”
© Nether7 / Reddit
“He’s strangely noble. His cause is just pure nihilism, but he is willing to fight for it. He believes in something, he isn’t just a hedonist like most villains. In that way, he is insanely likable.” © Unknown author / Reddit
“He can be both hilarious and completely terrifying at the same time.” © Unknown author / Reddit

#5 Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal LecterSource: © The Silence of the Lambs / Orion Pictures and co-producer

“It’s hard to wrap around one’s head that such a sophisticated, worldly, smart, engaging person who’s so sensitive and shows a deep love for the arts and beauty can also possess within himself the capacity to indulge in such ghoulish passions. I think that’s what makes him so fascinating.”
© Unknown author / Reddit
“He isn’t likable just by his very nature, but he’s fascinating to watch and analyze. He symbolizes the best and worst of humanity in one character.” © Pirouette1209 / Reddit
“He’s just so fun and such an amazing character.” © zillion / Reddit

#4 Ramsay Bolton

Villains That Ordinary People Find AttractiveSource: © Game of Thrones / Home Box Office (HBO) and co-producers

“His character was so evil on that show that I felt guilty thinking he was hot.”
© Striking-Fly-6479 / Reddit
“First thing I ever saw him in was Misfits, and he was so sweet (even if also a little creepy), so when I saw him for the first time in GOT, I was so excited; that didn’t last long lol.”
© melissa220034 / Reddit

#3 Draco Malfoy

Villains That Ordinary People Find AttractiveSource: © Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince / Warner Bros. and co-producer

“Draco is my favorite character not because he’s ’attractive’ but because I find his story more interesting. I’d love to see more scenes from his point of view because I think he deserves to have his side of the story.” © bbyosly / Reddit
“He’s just a struggling teenager who is constantly overshadowed by a random he tried to befriend. Also, he’s hot.” © Cinder-22 / Reddit
“I think Tom Felton being attractive also has to do with the number of Draco fangirls. If Tom wasn’t so attractive, I think that would limit the number of people preaching he was secretly good.” © pe4ch02 / Reddit

#2 Harley Quinn

Villains That Ordinary People Find AttractiveSource: © Suicide Squad / Warner Bros. and co-producers

“Harley Quinn is the most attractive comic character, in my opinion.” © MikeOcksLong_ / Reddit
“Completely insane, Harley Quinn Robbie. I didn’t even find her attractive (although I knew she was objectively beautiful) before I saw her as Harley Quinn. Then I was like, ’Omg!!’ And I fell in love.”
© frmrstrpperbgtpper / Reddit

#1 Loki

Villains That Ordinary People Find AttractiveSource: © Thor / Marvel Studios and co-producers

“Loki is such a badass villain. He’s hot, has a redemption ark, and makes villainy look so good.” © Unknown author / Reddit
“I’m not all that attracted to Tom Hiddleston, but I love Loki. The man’s got charisma coming out of his pores in that role.” © coffee-jnky / Reddit
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