20 People Who Give Zero F*cks About This World

This world is large enough for every kind of person to have a place. We humans respect the differences between each other because we are all aware that each of us is a unique individual. We are not born the same and it's perfectly fine to have different characteristics, opinions, and so on. However, that doesn't mean that everyone can do anything without considering how their acts can affect others. That's why rules and laws exist and should be strictly followed. However, inconsiderate individuals always find a way to go too far, and that's more than some people can stand. And today, we are here to shame those people who failed to behave in public.
We have collected a list of shame-worthy people who literally give zero f*cks about this world. Scroll down with caution or you will break your screen! Check out our earlier articles here for more: 18 People Who Were Rightfully Shamed For Being Complete Jerks; 18 Times People Were So Rude, They Got Called Out Online.

#1. Wha... Why?

Source: Sarah Key

#2. This woman cut her husband's toenails in a water park

Source: klauds31

#3. I was looking forward to moving to the empty window seat

Source: _serious__

#4. Someone stamped this dollar with a “Gay Money” stamp

Source: Rogendo

#5. New neighbors truck… every night

Source: vuxnomica

#6. Too bad I can smell the image

Source: Accomplished_Yam_551

#7. Hmmm

Source: noeloquence

#8. The sign is not big enough

Source: emotionalclub

#9. Some people just wanna watch the world burn. Literally.

Source: LukathePrince

#10. Having a light on the public train at 8 in the morning

Source: alehansolo21

#11. Somebody ate half a hotdog and put it back in the roller at a gas station

Source: mattymatuse

#12. At local donut shop

Source: Requirement-Choice

#13. Grabbing some seasoning for the fries

Source: PollutedLives

#14. Thought Target was nicer than this

Source: twentyonecenturies

#15. Swapping your nasty shoes with new ones at the store

Source: bighag

#16. Walking diagonally through a busy intersection

Source: craigslist-stripper

#17. The McDonald's employees are not your maids


#18. Hmmmmm

Source: NeoKnife

#19. Went to Home Depot. Came back to this. No one in sight.

Source: NotSeriousCalmDown

#20. Shirtless at Wawa with ass hair on full display

Source: brianthomasarghhh

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