22 People Who Live Their Best Life Doing Things Their Way

While human beings undoubtedly have a lot of things in common, wit and creativity are particular traits in which we differ from one another. And that's also what keeps us excited every day goes by because people keep throwing at us new surprises and don't let us have a moment of boredom at all. Just in case you need something to lift up your mood, we have already collected examples of people who live their best life doing things their way.
Everyone has the freedom to do things their own way, and we stand by that. That's why we wanted to share with you our compilation of the funniest way people break the rules and go against the norm. Scroll down to see now! When you're done, check out our previous post here!

#1. My wife thinks she’s funny, I tend to agree

Source: Dmopzz

#2. Still can't figure out how she got stuck there

Source: Kent_999s

#3. Used.... HOW?

Source: Food In Places It Shouldn’t Be

#4. When you hate washing dishes

Source: NieBeats

#5. Can we all just get along?

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#6. What for?

Source: CollectorOfRandomPics

#7. I found me!

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#8. My dad, a compulsive precisionist, uses measuring tape to divide a baguette in exact thirds

people do things their waySource: ajyanesp

#9. Prank on McDonalds' drive-thru employee

Source: Plowbeast

#10. He looked so happy lol

Source: acidcow

#11. Man wearing shoe protectors over work shoes on metro

people do things their waySource: pambeeskneesly

#12. Homeless man in Silicon Valley with VR headset

people do things their waySource: Cranberryvacuum

#13. How my wife sits

Source: HoldTheRope91

#14. The way my friend eats a hot dog

people do things their waySource: Sv182

#15. Somebody drew a Mona Lisa with dust accumulated on the truck box

Source: BrianPotato2005

#16. "How much for the mannequins? The rest? No it's okay, I just need the head."

people do things their waySource: GetOutOfTheWhey

#17. Helmet of The Year

people do things their waySource:

#18. Sir

Source: minhlongmoto

#19. My dog hates his nails getting clipped, so my dad literally bought a purse & cut holes in it

people do things their waySource: KendalPeifer

#20. Nice costume, bud

people do things their waySource: acidcow

#21. Got stressed out just looking at this

Source: acidcow

#22. Hmmm

Source: acidcow

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