20 People Who Have Unorthodox Way Of Doing Things

People differ from others in multiple ways. And today, rather than talking out appearances or other factors, we want to tell people apart by how differently their brains work. In this world, there are individuals who often come up with unusual ideas that the major of us never think of. Sometimes people are so creative, they often figure out bizarre way to make their lives easier. Other times, they are just so lazy and just find the fastest (also the worst sometimes) way to get their job done. And that's very hilarious to see.
Without further ado, let's scroll down to see our compilation of 20 people who have unorthodox way of doing things. Check them out and be prepared to roll on the floor laughing!

#1. "There! I finished the line job boss. I also worked around the obstacles along the way."

Source: Bibendoom

#2. The maintenance closet door can be closed now (and as bonus you can still take the readings)

Source: _lmonk

#3. Priced the item, boss!

Source: Out_in_Space24-7

#4. "Haha I see you"

Source: IulianRL

#5. "The way my husband opened this bag of nappies..."

Source: __Wasabi__

#6. Welded the frame boss

Source: ShaquanaMcneal

#7. Found this monstrosity while walking in London

Source: Markel_Kermit

#8. Nice view

Source: IulianRL

#9. "My favorite Naruto character"

Source: Beautiful_Fishing569

#10. "How my husband cuts his sandwich."

Source: theblondepenguin

#11. Delivered that package, boss

Source: fritzys_paradigm

#12. Those guys already in 2024

Source: iambertan

#13. "Weirdest straws I ever saw"

Source: vaminion

#14. This resculpted head of baby Jesus

Source: deephold303

#15. "We apologize for the convenience"

Source: Few-Ad2663

#16. The "on my way to battle Tom Morello" sign

Source: Neverwait87

#17. "Noticed this on my way to class"

Source: iL0gan54

#18. That's not a payment machine

Source: PaulN07

#19. "Asked the hubby to put the crockpot in the fridge after it cooled down. This is what I came home to"

Source: TwothFairy

#20. Why would you put this by that at a thrift store?

Source: Crocotta1

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