"Parenting Tips": 20 Times People Shared Hilariously Unsolicited Advice About Raising Kids

It is a joy to watch children grow up day by day, but they'll eventually have their own thoughts. For first-time parents, their experiences might be compared to a truly arduous adventure. People seek parenting tips on social media. But so far, life is not a dream. They can be unhelpful at times and leave parents feeling helpless and confused. However, fortunately, Twitter's amusing parents know what's up.
Here are 20 parenting tips that we’ve compiled on the Internet. We are sure they’ll make you giggle because of the hilarious posts below. What are you waiting for? Scroll down to check them out and have a good laugh. Enjoy!

#1. This guy's a genius

Source: jimmycjules

#2. They'll either stop wanting to go again or get extremely buff, it's a win-win situation

Source: Cheeseboy22

#3. Welcome to the real world son

Source: TheAlexNevil

#4. They're plotting something, be careful

Source: Cheeseboy22

#5. Starving African children could've eaten those markers

Source: Jennieferweiner

#6. Until it gets stuck somewhere or gets ruined

Source: Cheeseboy22

#7. They build an emotional wall around them and when they become adults they decide to start building actual walls

Source: behindyourback

#8. They'll just give up 10 into it and go back to annoying you

Source: CrazyExhaustion

#9. More like 'whine'

Source: FrozenSighs

#10. I can confirm that objects move on their own sometimes

Source: CoachChiv

#11. They use it to build things, so yes

Source: Cheeseboy22

#12. Kids can finally become useful

Source: GayAtHomeDad

#13. Still better than making your kid think that he's so special and better than everyone else

Source: thatdebraelaine

#14. Act quickly and always trust them when they say it

Source: XplodingUnicorn

#15. Cups

Source: dooce

#16. Hmmm

Source: mommy_cusses

#17. Veteran parenting tip

Source: Six_Pack_Mom

#18. Be careful

Source: Cheeseboy22

#19. That's right

Source: thebabylady7

#20. Pro parenting tip

Source: thebabylady7

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