20 Times Dads And Moms Left Notes For Their Kids, #3 Is So Hilarious

Children are the most precious blessings that God has bestowed on parents. But raising a child is never an easy task. It is a joy to watch children grow up day by day, yet they will eventually have their own opinions. And occasionally they make mistakes that make us even angrier and more violent. As you know, anger and screaming won't solve problems, and we guess a passive-aggressive message of correction or instruction is better.
We’ve compiled a list of 20 times dads and moms left notes for their kids. They will make you laugh out loud, we promise. Are you ready? Scroll down to have a good laugh, and don’t forget to share them with your relatives. Let’s get started.

#1. Father leaves his messy teens the perfect threatening note

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#2. Today’s wifi password

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#3. Just got home from work and found this note from my dad on the fridge...a little confused, I walked into the living room to find my cat as promised. Thanks, dad!

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#4. My Dad leaves misspelled notes, and I leave replies

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#5. I'm going to use this note and fake bugs

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#6. It worked

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#7. Dad’s unsolicited advice

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#8. My daughter said she was too old for notes in her lunch

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#9. Note in the kitchen

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#10. Oops, busted

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#11. When it’s not apparent enough what needs to be done

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#12. My parents went out of town for the weekend. Mom left me laundry instruction

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#13. Found this note in my bathroom drawer after my dad tried to borrow toothpaste

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#14. I’m happy that you’re trying to help

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#15. Mom’s love is enough fuel

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#16. Just a heartwarming note from my mother

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#17. It's okay

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#18. Found this note my mom left for my sister in the car

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#19. I hope you don’t mind

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#20. Parenting level: hipster

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