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'Open Arms' SZA Meaning: Devoted Lover

Searching for 'Open Arms' SZA meaning? Here we go! Now is the appropriate time. After years of leaks, delays, rumors, and label strife, SZA has finally released a follow-up to her 2017 breakthrough album Ctrl, which generated a sensation when it was on the air. On the album's 23 tracks, SOS features appearances from a select group of guests, including Phoebe Bridgers, Travis Scott (who collaborated with SOS on "Love Galore"), Don Toliver, and the late Ol' Dirty Bastard.

#1. Open Arms SZA Meaning

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The song "Open Arms," which is the fifth collaboration between SZA and Travis Scott, is about being devoted to a person who loves you and accepts you for who you are. Additionally, the song is about being devoted to the person who embraces you for who you are. Travis expresses through his music he need both to spend the rest of his life with the person he loves and to feel his affection for that person without end.
SZA's second studio album, titled SOS, has Travis Scott contributing backing vocals on the song "Low," which is on track four of the album. Also, 'Ghost In The Machine' SZA Meaning Of Lyrics.

#2. Song Lyrics

Open Arms SZA Meaning
[Intro]When you do your best you ca—, I done told youWhen you do your best, hell, that's all you can doYou and me and anybody elseSo they always start talkin'
[Verse 1: SZA]I'm runnin' away from where I'm fromNever can stay with no oneLovin' you almost feels like somethin'When no one's around meYou lost and found meI was surroundedWith open, open, open
[Chorus: SZA & Travis Scott]Open arms (Ooh), open armsYou give me open, I'm so devotedYou keep me open (Ooh), open armsI'm so devoted to you, to you, to you
[Verse 2: SZA]Spent your life bein' hopelessChokin' on insecurityI know, oh, this is badBut, please, put a leash on me anywayWho needs self-esteem anyway?I hate myself to make you stayPush me away, I'll be right here (Here)With open, open, open


[Chorus: SZA & Travis Scott]Open arms (Ooh), open armsYou give me open, I'm so devotedYou keep me open (Ooh), open armsI'm so devoted to you, to you, to you
[Verse 3: Travis Scott]No matter what come between us, yeah, I decided (Ayy)I'm forever ridin' (Ride), you're forever guidin' (Ayy)Pull up on an opp, hit his curve up, slidin' (Brr)Notice when you mad, ain't no words, just silence (Ooh)You my favorite color, now you seein' every shade of meYou say that I'm trippin', I hit back like, "Where you takin' me?"Locked in for life, on God, no replacin' meConsequences, repercussions, karma keep on changin' me (Ooh yeah)For you I trust, face card, valid ID (Ooh)C'est la vie, go to Paris, it ain't five-star, it ain't meOver-solid, keep it concrete (Ahh), I'ma bet it on your whole feeJust don't switch sides, I could buy a piece, your wrist AP (Ahh)Through the ups and downs and all the heatTake a turn and tell you what it beBackshots make you feel relief, anythin', just don't you ever leave
[Outro: SZA & Travis Scott]I guess I gotta go (Ooh)I guess it's time to goI gotta let you go(I'm so devoted)You keep me open (Ooh)Gotta let you go, gotta let you goI gotta let you go, I mustYou the only one that's holdin' me down (Ooh)Only one holdin' me down (Ooh, only one)'Cause you the only one that's holdin' me down
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