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  1. Meet Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal, Pedro Pascal's Brother
  2. How Old Is Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal?
  3. What Does Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal Do For A Living?
  4. Is Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal Married?
  5. How Tall Is Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal?
  6. More Fun Facts About Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal
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Everything About Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal, Pedro Pascal's Brother: Age, Job, And More

Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal’s brother Pedro Pascal is a talented performer who’s well-loved by his peers and fans. thanks to his versatile acting chops, down-to-earth personality, and of course, his bewitching smile. From The Mandalorian to The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal is the undisputed star of every show he’s in.

However, Pedro isn’t the only celebrity in the house. Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal, while not as famous, is equally charming and talented. Let’s learn more about Nicolás’s life and background through this article.


Meet Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal, Pedro Pascal's Brother

Pedro Pascal Brother Source: Google Images

Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal is Pedro Pascal’s younger brother, who surprisingly doesn’t enjoy the public spotlight that shines upon him. The two siblings are really close, and are often seen together at social events, for example at the Triple Frontier premiere back in March 2019.

As Pedro described, Nicolás, while younger, cares for his family a lot. Besides Pedro, he’s also very close with his sister Lux Pascal, who’s a renowned trans actress and activist. The three often call each other on FaceTime, and both Nicolás and Pedro remain very supportive of their sister.

Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal Pedro Pascal Source: Google Images

Likewise, Lux thinks very highly of her brothers and often praises them in public. She claimed that Pascal played a crucial role in her life, served as her guide, and gave her the “tools” to discover her real self.

Being an actress herself, Lux is known and praised for her roles in several movie titles, including Invisible Heroes (2019), The Prince (2019), and The Pack (2020). The acting chops surely run in the family.

Besides, the Pascals also have an elder sister named Javiera Balmaceda Pascal. Both Pedro and Javiera were born in Santiago, Chile. Javiera possesses quite a successful career herself, working in  Prime Video and Amazon Studios as the head of local originals.


How Old Is Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal?

Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal Old Source: Twitter/X

Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal was born in 1987, 11 years younger than his older brother Pedro. He’s currently 36 years old, and is also the youngest brother in the Pascal household. His net worth is around $300k. 

Nicolás is the son of José Pedro Balmacedo Riera and Verónica Pascal, who were born in Chile, but were forced to flee their hometown for political reasons. They currently live in Chile, and are often visited by the Pascal siblings.

“[My parents] They were so brave and without them I would not be here in this wonderful country,” Pascal doesn’t hesitate heaping praises at his parents.


What Does Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal Do For A Living?

Unlike his siblings who follow their acting careers, Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal is currently working as a doctor at Salud a la Calle. This is an organization consisting of various health professionals and students, who work to create health awareness and develop social and community health. You can find their Instagram account here.

Having attended the University of Chile from 2008 to 2015, Nicolás earned his medical doctorate and degree. He later worked as a researcher in the Columbia University in the Department of Biobehavioral Sciences. He received a PhD in pediatric neurology.

He’s an expert in neurobiology, behavioral neuroscience, and neurophysiology. He also earning numerous certifications from Coursera Course in mathematics and Udemy in Python and Django.


Is Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal Married?

Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal Married Source: Google Images

For now, Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal remains very discreet about his personal life, therefore there is little to no information about his girlfriend or fiancee. He’s not married nor betrothed to anyone yet.


How Tall Is Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal?

Standing at 6 feet (183 cm) tall, Nicolás is slightly taller than his brother Pedro (who’s 180 cm tall), and his sister Lux, who’s 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).


More Fun Facts About Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal

Nicolás was born on April 9, 1987, which means he’s a full-fledged Aries. His brother, Pedro, wrote this on his Instagram in 2019 to commemorate his birthday:

“This is my brother, Nicolás. He receives a Ph.D. in science. in pediatric neurology. He hates attention and likes to do good. It’s his birthday. To punish him for being younger, smarter, and sexier, I thought I’d reveal this to the world. Happy Birthday,” wrote Pedro.

Nicolás is currently living in New York, and frequently visits his parents and his hometown back in Chile. You can follow his Instagram account @bubilibubilibu, which has 5.5k followers. Nicolás set his account to private. His Facebook account is @nicolasbp87.



While isn’t as famous,Nicolás Balmaceda Pascal is a very talented man, who excels in many different fields and lives up to the name of Pedro Pascal’s brother. He’s also very down-to-earth and is very discreet with his private life, which is the right thing to do considering how popular his brother is.

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