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  1. Why Is Neeraj Gunsagar On "Selling Sunset"?
  2. What Does Neeraj On "Selling Sunset" Do For A Living?
  3. Is Neeraj On "Selling Sunset" Active On Instagram?
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Neeraj From Selling Sunset: Everything About Season 6 Billionaire Neeraj Gunsagar

If you're a fan of Netflix's hit reality show about real estate agents, you might have wondered who Neeraj on Selling Sunset is. His personality has made quite a mark on the viewer!

In this blog post, we'll tell you everything you need to know about the billionaire client of Chelsea Lazkani, who appeared in Selling Sunset season 6, from his impressive net worth to his Instagram presence.


Why Is Neeraj Gunsagar On "Selling Sunset"?

Neeraj Gunsagar On "Selling Sunset" - neeraj gunsagar Source: Google Images

Neeraj Gunsagar, a wealthy buyer, appeared in Selling Sunset Season 6. Introduced by Chelsea Lazkani, he viewed a stunning renovated property on Hillside Avenue, courtesy of Emma Hernan's client, Micah. This house boasts five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a pool, spa, fire pit, and breathtaking city views. 

Initially listed at $9.5 million, Neeraj negotiated and successfully purchased it for $8.5 million. He expressed his happiness with the purchase, praising Chelsea as "the best agent in LA" for her professionalism and expertise.


What Does Neeraj On "Selling Sunset" Do For A Living?

Neeraj On "Selling Sunset" job - neeraj gunsagar Source: Google Images

Neeraj Gunsagar, a prosperous entrepreneur, amassed his wealth primarily in the dental sector. He previously served as CEO and president of Byte, a company specializing in clear aligners for dental care. As per Selling Sunset, he made a billion-dollar sale of his company in 2022.

Preceding his tenure at Byte, Neeraj held prominent roles at TrueCar, an online automotive marketplace. His career commenced in finance, and he holds an economics degree from UCLA.

Beyond his business ventures, Neeraj is committed to philanthropy and social causes. He serves as a board member for Smile Train, a nonprofit offering free cleft surgery and care to children in developing nations. Additionally, he offers guidance and investment to various startups and charitable organizations.


Is Neeraj On "Selling Sunset" Active On Instagram?

Neeraj On "Selling Sunset" Instagram - neeraj gunsagar Source: Google Images

Neeraj Gunsagar maintains a private Instagram account (@neerajgunsagar), prioritizing the privacy and safety of his family. His Instagram bio offers insights into his background, featuring previous job roles and proudly highlighting "Father of #gunsagarboys" as his most significant accomplishment. Neeraj is a dedicated family man, with two sons currently attending school, and he enjoys the company of a sizable extended family.

Neeraj also has a LinkedIn profile, where he shares more details about his career and achievements. He has over 500 connections and several endorsements and recommendations from his colleagues and partners.



Source: @Netflix

Neeraj on Selling Sunset, aka Neeraj Gunsagar, featured on Selling Sunset Season 6, is a captivating billionaire entrepreneur. With Chelsea Lazkani's assistance, he acquired a magnificent LA home. Beyond his business prowess, he's a devoted father, philanthropist, and discreet social media user.

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