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NCIS: Sydney Episode 5 Preview: "Doggiecino Day Afternoon”

The exciting ride of "NCIS: Sydney" continues as we get nearer to figuring out the secrets and complexities around the characters. Episode 4, "Ghosted," left us struggling with discoveries and questions left hanging, particularly about Special Agent Michelle Mackey's past.
With Episode 5, "Doggiecino Day Afternoon," ready to show on our screens, the anticipation is obvious. What surprises and twists coming in this next chapter of the series?

What Happened in the Previous Episode?

NCIS: Sydney Episode 5 Preview: "Doggiecino Day Afternoon” Source: CBS/ Paramount Australia
In Episode 4, "Ghosted," the team looked into the fishy death of US Petty Officer Baker, leading them to Frank Doherty, a veteran who disappeared in the 70s.
The story got deeper with Mackey's hostility against Doherty, hinting at her own troubled history. A series of surprises revealed Doherty as a sad character caught up in a web of extortion, leading to Baker's accidental death.
The episode was a touching look at the marks of war on soldiers, with Mackey's backstory unveiling her not following orders in Afghanistan that led to deaths but saved others, a tale she told just to Doherty, muting the mic to keep her team clueless.

NCIS: Sydney Episode 5 Preview

Source: Youtube
As we move into Episode 5, "Doggiecino Day Afternoon," the loads of secrets around Mackey's character are likely to grow.
This episode may explore the consequences of her decision to mute the mic, potentially affecting her relationship with J.D. and Evie. Her struggle between showing toughness and vulnerability might be the main idea impacting her leadership and team behavior.
The mystery surrounding Mackey’s military trial and later clearing of charges is ripe for exploration. The episode could dig into the details of military law and the tough choices faced in war, possibly introducing new characters connected to her past.
The bond between Doherty and Mackey, built through common painful experiences, might evolve, with Doherty potentially playing an important part in revealing more about Mackey's history. Additionally, the episode might introduce a new case that reflects his or Mackey’s past, offering her a chance to make things right or presenting new ethical problems.
Expect drama focused on characters, with deeper looks into the minds of our protagonists. The episode might also hint at changing relationships and partnerships in the team, especially between Mackey, J.D., and Evie.

5 Things to Consider in "Doggiecino Day Afternoon”

  • Mackey: How will the discoveries of her past impact her role as a leader? There's potential for fights in the team and a change in the way things work.
  • J.D. and Evie: How will they respond upon discovering Mackey’s covered-in-secrecy past? This could lead to problems with trust or, on the other hand, a better grasp within the team.
  • Mackey's Military Trial: The details of her clearing of charges remain covered in secrecy. Could a new character from her past emerge, revealing this?
  • Doherty’s Future Role: His advisor or important witness connection with Mackey might bring him back, possibly as an advisor or important witness in a case that reflects his or Mackey’s past.
  • New Case, New Reflections: The next case might reflect ideas from Mackey's history, offering her a chance to make things right or presenting new ethical problems.

Release Date & Where to Watch

Episode 5 of "NCIS: Sydney," named "Doggiecino Day Afternoon," will air on December 12, 2023, at 9 pm (ET/PT) on Paramount+ and CBS.
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