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"NCIS: Sydney" Episode 4 Preview: "Ghosted"

Embark on a thrilling journey with "NCIS: Sydney" as Episode 4, titled "Ghosted," delves into a gripping cold murder mystery intertwined with a glimpse into Mackey's intriguing past. 
The episode promises a blend of suspense, revealing backstories, and a confrontation that tests wits, taking us deeper into the characters’ lives and compelling dynamics

What Happened in the Previous Episode?

"NCIS: Sydney" Episode 4 Preview: "Ghosted" Source: CBS
In Episode 3, "Brothers in Arms," the NCIS team faced a baffling situation involving a swimmer finding a cut-off arm, hinting at a shark attack. The arm, adorned with a Navy dive computer, belonged to retired U.S. Navy SEAL Phillip "Filthy" Coleman.
The investigation led the team to a dive shop, uncovering a sketchy scene of drug trafficking masked by the fake underwater filming. A wild story of betrayal and murder unfolded, revealing that Coleman’s death was not an accident but a brutal killing linked to a robot sub-carrying sensitive footage.
The episode ended with the team thwarting an attempt to drown the buyer of the UUV footage and unravelling tricky lies and tricks involving the U.S. Department of Defense.

"NCIS: Sydney" Episode 4 Preview

"Ghosted" probably will focus on Mackey's past, suggesting a personal tie to the case that could challenge her professional objectivity.
Linking her history with the current investigation adds an interesting layer to the storyline, hinting at key life events that have shaped her as an agent. This personal angle will likely bring new depths to Mackey's character, offering insights into her motivations and the events that have influenced her life and career. 
The spooky feeling of the historic Rocks area, with its old and important and creepy clues, adds a cool aspect to the episode. This spooky setting might make the puzzle more interesting, giving a really spooky feeling to the investigation.
Moreover, Episode 4 may show a clever face-off between Mackey and the suspect, a showdown that goes beyond chasing down a bad guy, maybe uncovering old tales.
"Ghosted" appears set to cleverly combine solving crimes with really getting into the characters, weaving a tangle of excitement, individual backstories, and complex feelings. This episode is not just about figuring out a killing; it's about connecting past and present, uncovering ancient stories, and getting into the main characters, particularly Mackey.

3 Things to Notice in “Ghosted”

  • Mackey: The episode will likely explore Mackey's history, possibly revealing events or relationships that have significantly influenced her career choice and approach to law enforcement.
  • Unresolved Tensions: The episode might delve into the aftermath of the high-stakes UUV incident, examining how it impacts team dynamics and individual characters, particularly their trust and decision-making.
  • Potential New Adversaries: The involvement of the DoD and hints of espionage in the previous episode could introduce new, powerful adversaries, adding a layer of political intrigue to the series.

Release Date & Where to Watch

"NCIS: Sydney" Episode 4 airs on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, at 8 pm ET/PT on CBS, with streaming available the next day on Paramount+.
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