NCIS Hawaii Bread Crumbs Cast And Recap: Season 2, Episode 18

Searching for information about NCIS Hawaii Bread Crumbs cast and recap? The US Marshalls arrested tonight's episode of NCIS Hawaii. Harriman was his name. Only Tennant could negotiate her way onto the flight with the US Marshalls taking him back to the mainland to stand prosecution. Tennant was keen on interrogating their captive.
According to her, Harriman saw NCIS Special Agent Craig Anton last, and only he can tell her what happened to Anton. After that encounter, Craig vanished without a trace. Tennant thought Harriman was responsible for his death. She was interested in questioning Harriman about Anton's body because she hoped to bring him home to his family.  Before jumping into the recap of "Bread Crumbs," let's check out the cast of this episode.

NCIS Hawaii Bread Season 2 Episode 18 Cast: "Bread Crumbs"

NCIS Hawaii Bread Season 2 Episode 18 Cast Source: NCIS Hawaii
  • Vanessa Lachey plays Charge Jane Tennant
  • Alex Tarrant plays Kai Holman
  • Jason Antoon plays Ernie Malik
  • Tori Anderson plays Kate Whistler
  • Kian Talan plays Alex Tennant
  • Noah Mills plays Jesse Boone
  • Yasmine Al-Bustami plays Lucy Tara

NCIS Hawaii Bread Crumbs Recap

NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 18 Recap NCIS Hawaii Season 2 Episode 18 Recap
The family should have some peace of mind. While Tennant had never served in the Marines, she was a staunch supporter of the no man left behind philosophy, which ultimately proved her undoing. During that flight, something unexpected occurred. Harriman made up an illness to get out of work. In confusion, he could exploit that to free himself from his bonds and seize a rifle off a passing Marshall. Tennant caught him in the act. She made an effort to put up some fight.
They shot a pilot because she and he were fighting over the pistol. The co-pilot had lost command of the aircraft. They ended up landing on a remote island near Hawaii. Two people had died; happily, Tennant wasn't one of them. She, the co-pilot, and a Marshall all made it out alive. Harriman made it through, but he is currently on the lam. Tennant and the Marshall agreed to pursue him. Everyone carried a weapon. They also armed the copilot in case Harriman returned first.
Unfortunately, Harriman did not remove all of the weapons from the aircraft. Harriman was dangerous because he was armed. He was taking every precaution imaginable to avoid punishment for his numerous wrongdoings. In the end, he resorted to violence. This was a dilemma due to the island's size. Because of their limited field of vision, Tennant and the Marshall failed to notice Harriman approaching from behind.


NCIS Hawaii Bread Crumbs Recap NCIS Hawaii Bread Crumbs Recap And Cast
Harriman fired the initial shot at the Marshall. The force of his shots knocked Tennant back, and she joined the Marshall in tumbling into the cave. Because of how deep down they were, they couldn't possibly have climbed out. The Marshall was shot in the arm and was also hurt. With only one arm, he could not crawl out of the hole. Tennant is the only one who can make the ascent.
The thing is, she didn't want to abandon a man. Again. As the FBI searched the rest of the island, Tennant stayed with him. Whistler was the case's point person. She arranged for an FBI chopper to pick them up to get them to the island. The co-pilot was located. Tennant and the Marshall were nowhere to be seen. It was a secret that they were in a sinkhole. Those doing the probe were located above ground. The search for Harriman was their priority. Harriman only visited Hawaii to eliminate two witnesses who testified against him, and NCIS used this information to create a profile of him.
They concluded that the victims might provide clues about his intended destination should he ever flee the island. As he had just encountered and attacked Whistler, they knew he was still on the island, but they had no idea where Tennant was, so she broke her rule. She decided to escape the cave alone rather than risk her life with the Marshall. Tennant did this because he knew it was his best chance of getting assistance. The Marshall's condition could only worsen if they waited to be located.


Thus, Tennant pulled himself up and out of the abyss. On the island, she located the federal agents. Harriman was apprehended for trying to steal a car from the federal government after she had persuaded them to return with her to pick up the Marshall. That ended with his arrest. Tennant didn't feel the need to press any additional questions into him. Tennant's staff started investigating the situation when the FBI was looking for her.
Harriman's burner cell, which he used to meet with the NCIS agent in Seattle, was traced to a lakeside location. Craig's body was discovered in that lake, bringing closure to his family. Without Tennant's help, her people accomplished the impossible. She eventually returned home after thanking them from the depths of her heart. The issue with Tennant was relayed to Alex by Ernie. He waited with her kid till he got some positive news about Tennant and broke the news to him that his mother's plane had crashed.
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