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What We Know About Morgan Olivia Rose, Formerly Known As James Kurisunkal

Are you curious about Morgan Olivia Rose, previously known as James Kurisunkal, who transformed from an ordinary blogger into a sought-after NYC high-society figure during the 2000s? What fueled her ascent, and who were the key players in her journey? What's her current occupation that might surprise you?

Join us as we delve into the captivating journey of Morgan Rose, uncovering the events that led to the surprising twist in her career and unveiling more intriguing details about her life.


Morgan Olivia Rose As A Blogger

In 2007, Morgan Rose, then James Kurisunkal, began her Park Avenue Peerage blog anonymously during her freshman year at the University of Illinois. Her blog featured party photos, social news, and occasional family histories, mainly centered around wedding and death announcements.

olivia morgan rose Source: mmorgan.rrose

According to Morgan, her blog consistently garnered around 8,000 daily page views. She explained:

"I never post anything rude or mean. Why put people in a vulnerable position on purpose? What is the purpose?"


Ironically, the blog gained significant attention only after Morgan's true identity was revealed. She then secured a paid summer internship with New York Magazine while pursuing her studies in English or sociology at the University of Illinois.

However, her experience in the industry was harsh, leading her into a downward spiral of drug addiction and deep depression.

In her final blog post, Morgan wrote:

“I’m no longer fascinated by this world. I’m not impressed. In fact, I’m depressed.”

james kurisunkal now Source: mmorgan.rrose

Morgan Rose On Hulu’s Queenmaker: The Making Of An It Girl

Morgan Rose is the central figure in the Hulu documentary "Queenmaker: The Making of an It Girl," which explores her transformation from an ordinary blogger into a prominent personality in New York's high society during the 2000s. 

The series delves into Morgan Rose’s journey as a blogger, her connections with celebrities, and the darker aspects of 2000s social culture, culminating in her evolution from her former self to a new persona.


Thanks to the revelation of her identity, Morgan, once an ordinary blogger, became a prominent figure in the upper class of New York City. She recalled:

"At the time, New York felt very advanced, and it was a crazy, over-the-top world. All those photographers, I just remember thinking, ‘I want to be a part of this. This looks great."

Morgan Rose On Hulu’s Queenmaker Source: mmorgan.rrose

Morgan also claims to have played a pivotal role in the rise of the Hilton sisters, “Well, I taught them to pose. People understand the power of an image.”


Morgan Olivia Rose's Current Occupation

"Queenmaker," directed by Zackary Drucker, wraps up Morgan's story by revealing her current occupation as a sex worker, which may not be the expected ending for viewers.

Drucker, also a trans woman, supports Rose and reconnects her with her friend Tinsley Mortimer. In the past, Rose and Mortimer frequently mingled at celebrity events, blurring the lines between the glamorous public world and their more private interactions.

In addition to her profession in the sexual service industry, Morgan also previously worked as a consultant at Social Impact Capital, an investment company specializing in high-impact businesses in their early stages. She highlighted their focus on investing in the "best impact ideas," typically involving the initial $2 million in equity.

james kurisunkal Source: mmorgan.rrose

Does Morgan Rose Have A Partner?

Morgan Rose doesn't seem to have had a romantic partner, which could be attributed to the demands of her profession. However, it's known that she is attracted to men and trans men.

  • Where Is Morgan From?

Morgan Olivia Rose was raised in Chicago, Illinois, by Indian-born parents. Her father worked as an employee at a public library, and her mother was a nurse. Morgan also has two older brothers, who are 10 and 15 years older than her.

Morgan is currently living in Beverly Hills, California.

  • How Old Is Morgan?

As of September 2023, Morgan was 34 years old.

  • Does Morgan Rose Use Social Media?

Morgan can be found on Instagram @mmorgan.rrose, Facebook @morganoliviarose and Twitter @mmorganrosis.

james kurisunkal Source: mmorgan.rrose


In essence, "Queenmaker: The Making of an It Girl" chronicles Morgan Olivia Rose's journey from a humble blogger to a central figure in the glamorous and sometimes enigmatic world of New York's high society during the 2000s. Although her journey took an unexpected turn in her occupation, Morgan's story remains a compelling exploration of transformation and intrigue.

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