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  1. Money Heist Berlin Filming Locations: Where Is Money Heist Berlin Filmed?
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Money Heist Berlin Filming Locations: Where Is Money Heist Filmed?

Discover this cool world behind the scenes of 'Money Heist Berlin', where mixing make-believe and real-life creates an awesome setting. From the middle of busy cities to the peace of hidden places, the filming locations of this iconic series are both varied and interesting. Take a closer look into the world of 'Money Heist Berlin' as we explore the places that made this exciting story alive.

Money Heist Berlin Filming Locations: Where Is Money Heist Berlin Filmed?

Source: Netflix

1. Paris, France

Central to "Berlin" is Paris, France's heart and a beacon of art, fashion, and culture. The series turns the city into a canvas, showcasing Paris's iconic landmarks and its understated streets. Notably, the Eiffel Tower and the Gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral add to the narrative's visual richness.

2. Rue Foyatier, Montmartre, Paris, France

A key spot in Paris for "Berlin" is Rue Foyatier in Montmartre. This 100-meter-long street, established in 1867, has witnessed some crucial scenes of the series. Its picturesque setting blends seamlessly with the show's dramatic moments.

3. Madrid, Spain

Spain's Madrid, a city of grand boulevards and sprawling parks like Buen Retiro, also plays a significant role. The city's vibrant cultural scene and historical significance provide an ideal backdrop for the series. Madrid's rich collection of European art and world heritage sites complements the show's aesthetic.
Madrid, SpainSource: Netflix

4. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Spain

Among the noteworthy locations in Madrid featured in "Berlin" is the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Founded in 1900, this historic government building adds an authentic Spanish touch to the series, reflecting the country's architectural heritage.

Other Money Heist Filming Locations

1. San Frutos Hermitage

The monastery where Berlin resides is 87 miles from the city center of Madrid in the province of Segovia. The Natural Park of Hoces del Duraton is a beautiful place that is very popular among the inhabitants of the city who want to spend a day in nature.

The park's nature's beauty and the hermitage's historic importance create a perfect backdrop for the character's storyline.

2. Royal Mint

Seasons 1 and 2 of 'Money Heist' famously unfolded within the walls of the Royal Mint in Madrid. Unlike what some might think, this famous location is not a bank but the home of the CSIC, Europe's largest science research center.
While the building itself is not open to visitors, fans can still enjoy the excitement of passing by the site that hosted so many exciting scenes of the series. The Royal Mint's role in 'Money Heist' is a testament to the show's smart choice of places, mixing real and make-believe to create a captivating viewing experience.

3. Plaza del Callao

The memorable scene featuring a zeppelin raining money over Madrid was filmed over Plaza del Callao. This lively area, sitting in the heart of Madrid, mirrors the energy of New York’s Times Square.

It's a bustling hub adorned with shops, large screens, and the renowned Callao cinemas. Plaza del Callao not only adds to the series' lively backdrop but also showcases Madrid's city's energy and life.

Berlin Money HeistSource: Netfli

4. Paseo de la Castellana

An unforgettable sequence in 'Money Heist' features the zeppelin navigating through The Four Towers. These impressive skyscrapers, situated in Madrid's business district, symbolize the city's modernity and architectural progress. Their striking appearance in the series adds a feeling of majesty and size to the robbery story.

5. Ministry Of Public Works And Transport: The Spanish Bank

In a smart change of real-life, the series portrays the building of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport as the Spanish Bank. Although the real Spanish Bank boasts a more elegantly designed architecture, the show's version successfully looks like a major bank.
The interior scenes, however, were not filmed inside the actual building due to security concerns, highlighting the complex steps taken to maintain realness while ensuring safety.
Money Heist Filming Locations Source: Netflix

6. San Blas Islands

Season 3 opens with Tokyo and Rio hiding in what appears to be a paradise-like island. In reality, these scenes were filmed in the San Blas Islands, an archipelago off Panama's Caribbean coast.
The amazing beauty of nearly 400 islands provides an incredible getaway from the show's usual urban landscapes, adding an island vibe to the series.

7. La Casa de Papel Escape Room

In Madrid, fans can dive into the world of 'Money Heist' at the official escape room. Located adjacent to the actual Royal Mint, this engaging adventure allows participants to don the famous red suits and solve puzzles like in the show.
While details of the escape room are kept under wraps, it promises to be a thrilling journey for fans, reflecting the show's excitement and intrigue.
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