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Is Money Heist: Berlin Based On A True Story? Truth Exposed!

"Berlin," a new spin-off from the hit show "Money Heist," focuses on Berlin, a character played by Pedro Alonso. Before his terminal illness and the famous Royal Mint heist, Berlin was pulling off exciting robberies across Europe.
Created by Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato, the series also stars Julio Peña and Begoña Vargas. Álex Pina described the show as a look into Berlin's adventurous past when he was deeply in love and committing daring heists. But, a new question is raised among the audiences: is Money Heist: Berlin based on a true story? Let's find out!

Is Money Heist: Berlin Based On A True Story?

Source: Netflix

No. It's not! Money Heist: Berlin based on a fiction, and Berlin (Andrés de Fonollosa) is a fictional character in the Netflix series Money Heist and in its prequel spin-off, Berlin, portrayed by Pedro Alonso. By the way, the original "Money Heist" series, created by Álex Pina, was a fictional creation and not based on real-life events as well. Pina wanted to craft a unique heist story that was character-driven, focusing on their development and emotional arcs.

For authenticity in the storyline, the team did consult with institutions like the national police, the Spanish Ministry of Interior, and the Bank of Spain, but the story itself is purely a work of fiction.

"Berlin" features Pedro Alonso reprising his role as the character Berlin, and the show explores his adventurous past. This prequel to "Money Heist" is set a few years before the events of the original series and showcases Berlin leading a different heist.
BerlinSource: Netflix
In essence, both "Money Heist" and its spin-off "Berlin" are creative works of fiction, with no direct basis in real-life events or true stories​.
"Money Heist" introduces us to a captivating heist at Spain's Royal Mint, masterminded by the Professor and executed by Berlin, his brother. The spin-off series "Berlin" takes us back in time, focusing on Berlin's life before "Money Heist." It shows his belief that love or a huge payday can turn a bad day around.
This drives him to plan a daring heist: stealing $44 million worth of jewels. In Paris, Berlin and his team aim to pull off one of the most ambitious robberies ever, targeting 63 royal jewels from 34 cities in a single afternoon.


Money Heist: Berlin's Release Date, Cast, Where To Watch

Money Heist: Berlin's Release Date Source: Netflix

Release Date & Where To Watch:

 The series premiered on Netflix on 29 December 2023 and consists of 8 episodes on Netflix at 3:00 AM ET.
Some other time zones:
  • Pacific Time (PT): 12:00 AM (Midnight)
  • Central Time (CT): 2:00 AM
  • Mountain Time (MT): 1:00 AM
  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): 8:00 AM
  • Central European Time (CET): 9:00 AM
  • Eastern European Time (EET): 10:00 AM
  • Indian Standard Time (IST): 1:30 PM
  • China Standard Time (CST): 4:00 PM
  • Japan Standard Time (JST): 5:00 PM
  • Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST): 6:00 PM

Berlin-castSource: Netflix

The Berlin's Cast:

  • Pedro Alonso (Money Heist) as Berlin, a heist planner extraordinaire 
  • Julio Peña (Through My Window) as Roi, a locksmith and Berlin’s faithful sidekick
  • Begoña Vargas (Welcome to Eden) as Cameron, a loose cannon who lives life on the edge
  • Michelle Jenner (Bird Box Barcelona) as Keila, a cybersecurity mastermind
  • Tristán Ulloa (Fariña) as Damián, an academic and Berlin’s close friend
  • Joel Sánchez as Bruce, who’s fluent in gadgets and weaponry

Money Heist: Berlin Review

Review Berlin Source: Netflix

IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

"Berlin," the prequel spin-off to "Money Heist," disappoints with its portrayal of the titular character, previously a fan-favorite. Set in Paris, the story involves Berlin planning a jewel heist, but the series fails in character development and coherent storytelling.

Attempts to humanize Berlin feel forced, and his actions contradict his established persona. The show's portrayal of romance and female characters is problematic, normalizing toxic behaviors and depicting women as naive.

Story-wise, it opts for style over substance, with illogical plot choices and reliance on coincidences. Overall, "Berlin" falls short of the "Money Heist" legacy, offering a forgettable addition to the franchise.

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