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  1. Meet Peggy Mae Guiterrez, Mo Amer's Ex-Wife
  2. Does Mohammed Amer’s Ex-Wife Have Any Children?
  3. Has Mo Amer’s Ex-Wife Remarried?
  4. How Old Is Mo Amer's Wife?
  5. What Does Mo Amer's Wife Do?
  6. Peggy Mae Gutierrez FAQ:

Mo Amer's Wife Updated Info: Who Is Peggy Mae Gutierrez?

Born on July 24, 1981, Mohammed Mustafa Amer is a Palestinian-American stand-up comedian widely recognized for his Netflix comedy show titled "Mo Amer: The Vagabond." He gained fame as a member of the comedy trio "Allah Made Me Funny." Amer's prominence extended to his appearance in the Hulu sitcom "Ramy" for two seasons, where he played Ramy's cousin Mo, the owner of a diner. Not to mention, he is also part of the cast of the film "Black Adam." 

But many wonder who comedian Mo Amer’s wife is. Well, according to his claim on a Netflix standup comedy episode, he used to be married to Peggy Mae Gutierrez, but they divorced during the COVID pandemic. Below is all we know about her.


Meet Peggy Mae Guiterrez, Mo Amer's Ex-Wife

Peggy Mae Guiterrez, Mo Amer Wife Source: Google Images

Residing in Los Angeles, Mohammed Mustafa Amer shared his life with his Mexican-American wife and stepdaughter. In his 2021 Netflix episode, "Mo Amer: Mohammed in Texas," he candidly revealed that he experienced a divorce during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interestingly, the character portraying Mo Amer’s wife in the Netflix series reflects a similarity to his real-life experience. 

Nonetheless, it's important to approach what Mo said with caution, as the show might not provide accurate insights into his actual relationship with his former spouse. Based on available information, following his divorce, the comedian has remained single and hasn't contemplated remarriage.

Peggy Mae Guiterrez, Mo Amer's Ex-Wife Source: Google Images

Per online sources, Peggy Mae Gutierrez Amer is Mohammed Amer’s ex-wife, with their marriage coming to an end during the lockdown period. Peggy, a Mexican-American, brought a daughter from her previous relationship into their new life with Mo before things fell apart.

On March 25, 2021, Mohammed initiated a legal process for marriage dissolution or divorce against his former spouse, Peggy. The case was assessed by Judge Sonya L. Heath in the Harris County Courts located in Harris, Texas.

Not much is known about Mo Amer’s wife’s personal information apart from the fact that Mohammed said their relationship didn't find a successful path. Her Instagram account has no more than 500 followers and seems to rarely share personal life details. Most of her life and marriage information was shared by her ex-husband, Mo Amer.

Peggy Mae Guiterrez, Mo Amer's Ex-Wife Source: Google Images

However, Mo Amer’s wife is known as a very supportive wife and daughter. In a social media post back in 2014, Mo admitted that his wife had been submitted to the hospital for a kidney donation for her father. Her father’s condition after the transplant was great, and Mo seemed to be very proud of his then-wife.

Her father also showed great gratitude toward his daughter. As per Mo, Danny Martinez recovered well, and his first words after he woke up were to ask Mo to snuggle with him.

Peggy Mae Guiterrez, Mo Amer's Ex-Wife Source: Google Images

On Mother’s Day 2017, Mo gave the best wishes and praised his wife for being a great mother to their daughter Elyse and a proud daughter to her parents.

Though they decided to part ways, it’s clear that both Mo Amer’s wife and the comedian used to share great times. Moreover, Mo also had a lot of great memories with Peggy’s family. It’s sad to see that they didn’t make it.


Does Mohammed Amer’s Ex-Wife Have Any Children?

Mohammed Amer Ex-Wife Children - mo amer wife Source: Google Images

As we mentioned, Mo Amer’s wife has a daughter from her previous marriage, but she doesn’t have any kids with Mo Amer. Her daughter is Elyse Bennett, a shared child with her first husband, Brian Bennett. Elyse turned 27 in August 2023, and she was a computer science student at the University of Houston. She also seemed to work for an SEO company after graduation. Elyse also shared about her love life on social media. She admitted to having had a boyfriend since February 2017.

Not much else is known about Mo Amer’s wife’s daughter and her relationship with her ex-stepfather. We can only speculate that both enjoyed Peggy’s company. Additionally, we hope his bond with his stepdaughter remains unaffected.


Has Mo Amer’s Ex-Wife Remarried?

Mo Amer’s Ex-Wife Source: Google Images

Unfortunately, there’s no public information about Peggy Mae Gutierrez’s current relationship status. She had at least 2 ex-husbands, namely Brian Bennett and Mo Amer.


How Old Is Mo Amer's Wife?

Peggy Mae Gutierrez was born in May 1971. As of August 2023, she is 52 years old.


What Does Mo Amer's Wife Do?

Source: @ChickComedy

Similar to her ex-husband, Peggy Mae Gutierrez seems to have a great enthusiasm for stand-up comedy. She is not as famous as Mo, but made some appearances on a few YouTube comedy shows, namely ChickComedy, in which we can still watch her latest show from last year. Her charming demeanor and great jokes attract comments like “Funny and original!”, “Perhaps perfect Peggy ? !! Excellent set, thanks.”, etc.


Peggy Mae Gutierrez FAQ:

Mo Amer’s Ex-Wife - mo amer wife Source: Google Images

▶ What Is Mo Amer’s Wife's Ethnicity?

She is a Mexican-American

 Where Does Mo Amer’s Wife Live?

Peggy is currently living in Pasadena, Texas.

 Is Mohammed Amer’s Ex-Wife On Social Media?

Yes, as of August 2023, Peggy has an Instagram account @amerpeg with fewer than 500 followers. Her account is private so you have to request to follow her. Other than that, Peggy is very private about her personal life.

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