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  1. Is Mile 22 Sequel In Development?
  2. Is Mile 22 Sequel Canceled?
  3. What Is Mile 22 Sequel’s Release Date?
  4. What Is Mile 22 Sequel’s Plot About?
  5. Conclusion: Will There Be A Sequel To Mile 22?

Mile 22 Sequel’s Full Update: Development Hell Or Anticipation Unleased?

The Mile 22 sequel has been in development for half a decade, yet the hype for its release never dies down! The 2018 action thriller film starring Mark Wahlberg and directed by Peter Berg only received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. 

Despite its disappointing box office performance, the film was intended to be the first installment of a planned trilogy. But what is the status of the sequel? Is the long-awaited Mile 22 sequel cancelled? Here's what we know so far.


Is Mile 22 Sequel In Development?

Source: Rotten Tomatoes Trailers

The answer is yes, but not very actively. In 2018, STX Entertainment announced that Extraction writer Umair Aleem had been hired to write the Mile 22 sequel

However, the Mile 22 sequel project was not a priority for him or Wahlberg; both are busy with other films and TV Shows. When it comes to making sequels, Berg said, “I was never really in the sequel business. [...] I'm always kind of looking for the next thing. But if the audience really wants it, and they really love it, and we can make one better than the first then I'd be willing to do it again, for sure."


Is Mile 22 Sequel Canceled?

mile 22 sequel cancelled Source: Netflix
The answer is no, but it might as well be. According to Collider, Berg revealed in 2020 that he had finished writing the script for the Mile 22 sequel, but he was not optimistic about its chances of getting made. 

The actor said that he was proud of the script, which he described as "really cool" and "very different" from the first film, but he also acknowledged that the sequel was not in high demand. He said that he would love to make the sequel if someone gave him the green light, but he was not holding his breath for it.


What Is Mile 22 Sequel’s Release Date?

mile 22 part 2 release date - mile 22 sequel Source: Netflix

The Mile 22 Sequel’s release date is unknown, but probably not anytime soon. Since the Mile 22 sequel has not been officially announced or greenlit by any studio, there is no release date attached to it. Even if the sequel were to get made, it would likely take several years before it hit theaters, considering the busy schedules of Berg and Wahlberg, as well as the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike on the film industry. 

As of now, there is no indication that the project is moving forward in any way; therefore, the Mile 22 sequel’s release date is still unknown.


What Is Mile 22 Sequel’s Plot About?

mile 22 sequel Source: Netflix

The answer is unclear, but the possibility is intriguing. Since the script for the sequel has not been released or leaked to the public, there are no official synopses or plot details available. 

However, we can speculate that the Mile 22 sequel would follow up on the cliffhanger ending of the first film, which revealed that Silva's team was betrayed by one of their own members, Alice Kerr (Lauren Cohan), who was actually working for a mysterious organization called Overwatch. The sequel would likely explore the motives and goals of Overwatch, as well as Silva's quest for revenge against Alice and her allies.


Conclusion: Will There Be A Sequel To Mile 22?

mile 22 part 2 Source: Netflix

The answer is maybe, but probably not. While Berg and Wahlberg have expressed their interest and enthusiasm for making the Mile 22 sequel, they have also admitted that they are not in control of its fate. The sequel would depend on many factors, such as the budget, the studio, the audience, and the timing. 

Given that the first film was neither a critical nor commercial success, and that there has been no official update or announcement about the sequel since 2020, it seems unlikely that the sequel will ever see the light of day. However, there is always a chance that things could change in the future, especially if there is enough demand from fans or if a new platform or distributor picks up the project. Until then, we can only hope and wait for more news about the Mile 22 sequel.

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