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  1. Why Was Mike Zabonik Leaving "Iron Resurrection"?
  2. Mike Z’s Highlights on "Iron Resurrection"
  3. Get To Know Mike "Z" Zabonik

Who is Mike Zabonik from "Iron Resurrection"? Why Was He Leaving?

Mike Zabonik, commonly known as Mike Z, is a car expert from Texas, USA, who became popular from his appearance on Motor Trend’s television program “Iron Resurrection.” The show, which started on April 13, 2014, featured Mike from its debut episode until the end of its 4th season in 2020.

Key Takeaways

  • Mike Z, a Texas car whiz, made a name on "Iron Resurrection." He ducked out after Season 4, and no one's really sure why.
  • Famous for turning beat-up cars into stunners, Mike's knack for fixing and creativity was a big deal on the show.
  • Mike's a private guy, keeping his family and love life under wraps, and lately, he's all about his career.

Why Was Mike Zabonik Leaving "Iron Resurrection"?

Mike Z Zabonik Iron Resurrection Source: @mikezmbros

Mike Zabonik's absence in the 5th season of "Iron Resurrection" was noticeable and led to speculation among fans. However, there has been no official statement detailing the precise reasons for his departure from the show.

Known for keeping things to himself, Mike Z's decision to leave could be because of many reasons, including a desire to focus on his own garage or to get out of the spotlight. Without a clear statement from either Mike Z or the show's producers, the exact cause of his exit remains a matter of speculation.


Mike Z’s Highlights on "Iron Resurrection"

His expertise was not just limited to his ability to repair and modify cars but also in bringing life back to vehicles that seemed beyond salvage. Mike was great at welding and very detailed, essential in transforming old rusty cars into amazing cars.

Throughout his tenure on the show, Mike Z contributed significantly to some of the most memorable projects. His getting his hands dirty and fixing skills were evident in each episode he appeared in. He had a unique way of handling tough car makeovers, often coming up with clever fixes to complex mechanical issues.


Get To Know Mike "Z" Zabonik

Mike Zabonik, a native of Dallas, Texas, is known for keeping things to himself, especially concerning his family and early life. Information about his parents, siblings, or other family members is not shared, keeping up his habit of keeping his personal life away from public scrutiny.

Is He Married?

Regarding his married life, Mike Zabonik had his good and bad times. He first married Valerie K. Mcwhorter in 1980 in Dallas County. This marriage, however, ended. He then married Kimberley K. Thomas in 2010, but this relationship also ended in 2014. Since then, Mike Z appears to have focused more on his career. His current relationship status is not publicly known, reflecting his tendency to keep his personal life private.

Net Worth

As of now, Mike Zabonik's how much he's worth is estimated at around $2 million.

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