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Who Is Michael Fractor From "Twentysomethings: Austin" - Everything You Need To Know

Michael Fractor gained popularity after he participated in Netflix’s Twentysomethings: Austin to pursue his comedian career. It’s been 2 years since the show, How is he and where is he now, you may ask.


Michael Fractor's Appearance In Twentysomethings: Austin

Michael Fractor's Appearance Source: Google Image

The 2021 Netflix reality show "Twentysomethings: Austin" unveils a group of eight individuals in their twenties embarking on an exciting journey by relocating to Austin, Texas. One of them is Michael Aaron Fractor, originally from Los Angeles, California. Promptly, we got to know his motivation for becoming a part of the show - to follow his dream and become a comedian. 

On the same journey to the unknown with 7 other young people, Michael showed that he could crack jokes, and be fun to be around. But little do people know, before Austin, he had never done standup comedy in his life (okay, maybe in front of his friends and family, but not strangers?).

Michael Fractor's Appearance In Twentysomethings: Austin Source: Google Image

Yet, that didn’t stop him from telling some jokes about his family or his being Jewish. The then-23-year-old’s ambition at the time might seem jokingly irrelevant, but it was bold and was exactly what Twentysomethings needed.

At least, Michael has some tricks up his sleeves to entertain co-stars and the audience so that people don’t laugh at him instead of his jokes. Apart from being remotely funny, he also proved to be somewhat artistic with his guitar and a former attempt at screenwriting.

After nearly 2 years, his attempt at standup comedy still continues. As he shared on his Instagram this June, Michael Fractor co-oped with Casey Rocket on an “improved standup comedy” for Netflix.


Michael Fractor’s Bio

Michael Fractor’s Bio Source: Google Image
  • Real name: Michael Aaron Fractor
  • Birthday: 5 May 1998
  • Age: 25 (as of August 2023)
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Ethnicity: Jewish
  • Height: 6”
  • Weight: 141lbs
  • Relationship status: Likely single
  • Girlfriend: Unknown
  • Profession: Standup Comedian, TV personality
  • Famous for: Joining Twentysomethings: Austin

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The main cast alongside Michael Fractor included Abbey Humphreys, Raquel Daniels, Bruce Stephenson, Natalie Cabo, Kamari Bonds, Keauno Perez, and Isha Punja.

Where Is He After The Show? Source: Google Image

Where Is He After The Show?

While Michael Fractor remains determined and persistent in his aspirations, he holds a practical approach and acknowledges the potential necessity for adjustments in his journey. At the moment, he acknowledges that he still has a lot to do with his career, as evidenced by his online persona, which continues to highlight his comedic flair and individuality. 

Although his activity on social media platforms is limited, he manages to captivate a wide audience with the engaging content he sporadically shares.


Does Michael Fractor Have A Girlfriend?

Being a 23-year-old virgin at the time participating in Twentysomethings: Austin, Michael Fractor seemed like a desperate guy wanting a relationship and a girlfriend. However, he proved that it was not his sole purpose to find a girl, rather, achieving his dream was of the utmost importance. 

Ironically, Michael luckily found a great suit for himself in the show. Being described as a weird guy with a weird taste for women, Michael Fractor quickly developed a deep connection with co-star Isha Punja, and both of them got hooked quite nicely. The couple shared multiple memorial scenes in the show.

After the show, it seems like they are continuing their relationship as Isha Punja calls him her boyfriend on her TikTok. Well, atleast someone finds out that she can’t live without his jokes.

Michael also finds comfort in his large audience on Instagram and doesn’t hesitate to share his silly moments with nearly 80K followers. He seems quite happy with himself at the moment.


Michael Fractor's Height

Michael Fractor's Height Source: Google Image

Michael is known for his lanky figure and stands tall at about 6”.


Michael Fractor's Age

He was born on 5 May 1998. As of August 2023, the guy is 25 years old.


What Does Michael Fractor Do?

Michael’s main pursuit right now is his comedian career. He hasn’t seen much success, although he has sporadically joined Netflix comedy shows for the last 2 years.



1. Michael Fractor’s Net Worth?

His net worth is unknown.

2. Where Is He From?

\Michael is a Los Angeles native, a Jewish-born American.

3. What Did He Do Before Twentysomethings: Austin?

Not much is shared about his time before the reality show. He is known to be a guitar hobbyist and a funny guy around his family and friend in LA.

4. How Many Followers Does Michael Fractor Have?

Michael doesn’t share every social account he has. As of this writing, he has about 80K followers on Instagram, his main social media platform.

5. What Is Michael Fractor’s Zodiac Sign?

He was born on 5 May 1998 and is a Taurus.

6. Any Fun Fact About Him?

Michael loves dad jokes and playing guitar.

7. Does He Have A Tiktok Account?

Yes, he has 57K followers on TikTok.

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