Messy Cooking Fails That Make Us Shed A Tear

Through the cookbook called Anyone Can Cook, chef Auguste Gusteau wants to spread to everyone the message that "Anyone Can Cook". And yes, that's accurate. We can all cook, however, not everyone can make delicious meals. Therefore, just because someone can cook doesn't mean they should. The folks in the list below are great examples. Every time they enter the kitchen, there are messy cooking fails that make everyone shed a tear.
We have compiled a list of 32 messy cooking fails that are insanely hilarious. Take a minute to scroll down and check them out for yourself right now. Maybe you can find yourself in these pictures. Don't forget to vote for the funniest photos. And share with us your interesting cooking experiences in the comments below. For more laughs, check out Kitchen Nightmares That Will Make You Want To Say “Oh No!"

#1. Forgot I was heating oil for French fries

Source: fasada68

#2. When you set the oven way too high while letting your pizza dough rise. Yeah, that’s a melted bowl, baked dough, and a burned kitchen towel

Source: diverareyouok

#3. My girlfriend wanted to cook for me

Source: TacoLake

#4. Tried cooking dinner for the first time after weeks of takeout

Source: lil-haystack

#5. I decided to try deep frying Oreos but I forgot that oil and water don’t behave the same way, let it get too hot and melted part of my kitchen. Always keep an eye on your oil and use a thermometer

Source: aleighleigh

#6. I forgot to take the old coffee pod out of the coffee maker before making cup noodles

Source: superleo42

#7. My kitchen burned down, no one got hurt

Source: smolKalns

#8. First night in the new house and my wife cooks a plastic bag on the brand new stove

Source: Dadality0628

#9. Fighting an ant infestation in my kitchen the last couple days. Didn't think to check my cereal box. Realized the small brown things are ants 6-8 bites in

Source: bringbackflipphones

#10. “Can you take the cinnamon rolls out in 15 minutes while I run to the store?” “No problem.” “Don’t forget.” “Babe, I won’t forget.” ....I forgot

Source: unknown / reddit

#11. Part of my bread recipe wanted me to put water in a pan halfway through baking. I poured water into the hot pan and it exploded in my oven

Source: gothsapphoo

#12. When life gives you lemons, you make lemon bars and then drop them on the kitchen floor

Source: Homesicktexan21

#13. Bottom of the slow cooker pot fell off spilling 6 liters of hot pineapple juice everywhere, the kitchen will be sticky until the end of time

Source: OceanSupernova

#14. Just rented an RV for the weekend, and forgot to take off the glass when cooking

Source: Cultural_Lock_1810

#15. So, I set my kitchen on fire last night...

Source: StarChaser_Tyger

#16. Turned off the power for a week while traveling, and forgot about the food in the fridge. Came back to this

Source: ssigea

#17. Mine cooked just done ready-to-eat macaroni

Source: unknown / reddit

#18. Had a big party this past weekend. While I was greeting guests I forgot about the ribs on the grills. The ribs caught fire and I had to put it out with a fire extinguisher

Messy Cooking FailsSource: sudde004

#19. My boyfriend put salt instead of rice in the rice cooker, been wondering for an hour why it was taking so long to cook

Messy Cooking FailsSource: bumbeel

#20. My mom was just finishing cleaning the kitchen and then spilled A bag of Chia seeds on the ground

Messy Cooking FailsSource: Streetcar21

#21. I heated up my oven to cook pizza and forgot I left the pan and pizza cutter in the oven

Messy Cooking FailsSource: Kawaii_Ninja_Cat

#22. Went to cook a frozen pizza when the oven said "No"

Messy Cooking FailsSource: XxWarmouthxX

#23. My buddy tried to drunkenly cook food at 3 AM last night

Messy Cooking FailsSource: TravisUKY

#24. When you are proud of your cooking abilities

Messy Cooking FailsSource: javi2603

#25. The pepper shaker broke while mom was cooking beans

Messy Cooking FailsSource: YoinkDoinkMo

#26. Casually cooking dinner and suddenly there were peas. Peas everywhere

Messy Cooking FailsSource: Dbanzai

#27. Thought I'd make some pasta with the last of my homemade tomato sauce from my garden last summer. Guess I'd better think again

Messy Cooking FailsSource: karibot3

#28. Just finished making my lunch for the week, drained the pasta, and...

Messy Cooking FailsSource: dragonsgirl8

#29. First meal in the newly fitted kitchen. No worries


#30. Spent 10 minutes looking for the drip tray for the Forman grill, after I turned it on

Messy Cooking FailsSource: Kimritto

#31. You ever mess up burgers so bad that even your grill is surprised?

Messy Cooking FailsSource: Bloodycrabs

#32. What’s left of the steak I forgot I was grilling

Messy Cooking FailsSource: unknown / reddit

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