31 Pictures That'll Show You What A Rough Day Really Looks Like

Sometimes, you feel like life is just unfair to you. While other people walk in the sunshine, you walk in the wind, rain, and storms. However, things are not always as they seem. Everyone experiences rough days occasionally. Many people whose days are even worse than yours. Below are some of the worst days people have had. Scroll down to check them out. Then you will quickly realize that yours is probably isn't even remotely as bad.
The r/Wellthatsucks subreddit is an online community dedicated to "everything that happens in everyday life that makes you say "well, that sucks." Therefore, whenever you feel down as a result of the bad things that have happened to you, just go to this group. There are about 3.2 million unfortunate people who will make you feel better. Instead, you could simply look at these "well, that sucks" pictures.
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#1. Look I've heard it's rough in AUS, but South Africa hits differently. No morning swim today

Source: ShaunBezzo

#2. My kids and I spent the weekend making a snow penguin. This is him finally done at 9:30 am and then at 4:30 pm. He’s had a rough day

Source: RunningTrisarahtop

#3. At airport parking this morning

Source: TheJakl

#4. My stress-reliever thingy could not handle it

Source: elpropiosaya

#5. Parking is Rough in Baltimore

Source: AdmiralLobstero

#6. Don't ever buy a breakfast burrito at a gas station

Source: LadyRaoulDukeGonzo

#7. I just cleaned the tub and it’s my kid’s bath time but now it looks like two girls and one cup was filmed here

Source: kbeks

#8. Using a fake hawk on your roof to scare the seagulls but instead they become bffs

Source: GallowBoob

#9. Bought this cat tower, but my cat doesn't fit

Source: KobraKay87

#10. Rough day

Source: Potbrowniebender

#11. Gravity wins. But I live to trip another day

Source: Shaneblaster

#12. First thought it was rice on my garbage can this morning but a after a closer look they were moving…

Source: Agnar_95

#13. I’ve seen it happen in movies but never dreamed I would see it in real life. Shocked children at the bottom for extra OMG. “No kids it’s not Santa just Uncle Jeff trying to get the damn tree.” Merry Christmas, y’all!

Source: dowdspooka

#14. Working an outdoor vaccine clinic. Didn't think about sunscreen... Now I have a mask-shaped sunburn, but only on half my face

Source: thatwillnotsuffice

#15. I'm the exhausted Disneyland dad from yesterday!! We all survived but unfortunately, halfway thru the day, I ripped my shorts completely down the middle

Source: ImThe1Wh0

#16. This guy bought a smartphone online but received a stone

Rough DaySource: samfisher457

#17. I went to get my haircut from my mom who, hours earlier, said she went to the eye doctor and wasn’t sure if she could see properly to do it but later on assured me she could

Rough DaySource: JoeEstevez

#18. My pork ribs dinner. Unsure if stress causes short-term memory loss but I put ribs on, logged into work and here we are two hours later with the grill at full blast

Rough DaySource: RadixLecti72

#19. Looks like a rough ride ahead

Rough DaySource: VERNTORO

#33. Didn't crash but my tire exploded while driving on the freeway

Rough DaySource: Swagatron321

#21. I had a cleanser leak in my sink. A couple of days later I came across this… don’t know where the spider is now, but I can only assume she’s angry and a superhero now

Rough DaySource: greenjm7

#22. I wanted to get the wrinkles out of my jacket, but I left a bar of dark chocolate in the pocket

Rough DaySource: Kitchen_Economics182

#23. Not sure what I did to piss the birds off today but...

Rough DaySource: TheOneYandle

#24. New prescription glasses. I knew my vision was bad but I didn't think it was *that* bad

Rough DaySource: SmithNotASmith

#25. After invasive facial surgery, I finally felt good enough to send a pic to my BFF. I was trying to look happy, but instead, look like a doll from a horror movie

Rough DaySource: puppy_glitter

#26. She tried to hold the doors with her dinner in her hands. She missed the train, but her dinner didn't

Rough DaySource: old_gold_mountain

#27. I live in a country where it’s sunny almost every day of the year, but I’m allergic to the sun

Rough DaySource: YourTypicalSaudi

#28. You know somebody out there is having a bad day

Rough DaySource: TheShadowDemon247

#29. So mate, how bad was the flooding in Gympie last week?.... He sent me this

Rough DaySource: mercutio70

#30. Came back to my place in the city I work in after a couple of months away and apparently, my roommate turned the electricity off when he left but forgot to clean the fridge

Rough DaySource: Inchiostro95

#31. Lost my phone in the woods, and found it. But a car found it first

Rough DaySource: WindowsXP_MemeMaker

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