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  1. Meet Adam Gascoine, Melanie Rose's Ex-Husband
  2. How Old Is Adam Gascoine?
  3. Who Are Adam Gascoine’s Parents?
  4. What Is Adam Gascoine’s Profession?
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The Mystery Of Sex-Room Designer Melanie Rose’s Ex-Husband, Adam Gascoine

Melanie Rose is the host and designer of Netflix's How to Build a Sex Room, a show that helps couples transform their bedrooms into spaces for their fantasies. But who is sex-room designer Melanie Rose's ex-husband, Adam Gascoine? Here are some facts about him.


Meet Adam Gascoine, Melanie Rose's Ex-Husband

Meet Adam Gascoine - melanie rose husband Source: Netflix

There is not much information about sex-room designer Melanie Rose's ex-husband, Adam Gascoine. He has kept an uber-low profile and stays away from social media of all kinds. However, we do know he was married to his ex-wife, “How to Build a Sex Room” host, Melanie Rose, and that they split in 2018. Adam Gascoine and Melanie Rose have no children together.


How Old Is Adam Gascoine?

Sex-room designer Melanie Rose's ex-husband Adam Gascoine seems to be 53 years old as of 2023. He was born in 1970 to actress and novelist Jill Gascoine and her first husband, Bill Keith.


Who Are Adam Gascoine’s Parents?

Who Are Adam Gascoine’s Parents? - melanie rose husband Source: Shutterstock

Adam Gascoine's mother, Jill Gascoine, was a British star who appeared in TV shows like The Gentle Touch and The Onedin Line. She also wrote four novels and a memoir. She died in 2020 at the age of 83 after suffering from Alzheimer's disease for 10 years. Adam Gascoine's father, Bill Keith, was a businessman who divorced Jill when Adam was a child. 

Adam Gascoine, offspring of Jill and her former partner Bill Keith, shared a poignant Facebook announcement regarding his mother's passing. He expressed, "My mum, Jill, died today at 3:33 pm. She suffered from Alzheimer’s for 10 years, so today was a thankful release. The family is all well and relieved that she’s not suffering anymore."

Adam has a half-brother and a half-sister, from Jill's second marriage to actor Alfred Molina.


What Is Adam Gascoine’s Profession?

Information on Melanie Rose’s ex-husband is scarce; the sex-room designer kept her personal life private on her hit show. However, we do know his name is Adam Gascoine, a freelance writer. Not to be confused with Adam Gascoine, famed freelance writer and video designer, and husband to actress Laura Niemi, however. 



Adam Gascoine is the former spouse of Melanie Rose, the popular designer, and host of Netflix's show How To Build A S*x Room.  While his presence might not be in the limelight (to the point that compiling a Adam Gascoine wiki was impossible!) his influence and journey intertwine with Melanie's success. Maybe, beyond the screen, it was Adam who inspired Melanie Rose to find her design niche. We’ll never know, but it is a possibility, right?


Adam Gascoine FAQs

Adam Gascoine FAQs - melanie rose husband Source: Netflix

Is Melanie Rose Married?

Yes, to Adam Gascoine. Sadly, their marriage ends in 2018.

Where Does Adam Gascoine Live Today?

Unknown. Information about Melanie Rose’s ex-husband, Adam Gascoine, has been kept private, even by his ex-wife. 

Is Adam Gascoine on social media?

No, Adam Gascoine stays out of the spotlight, including on social media.

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