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What Does ‘Flipping Straights’ Mean In Ted Lasso?

Rebecca used the word "Flipping Straights" in the current Ted Lasso episode when she relates the story of Freddie Mercury. Viewers may be wondering what this phrase means.

Despite the fact that AFC Richmond is a fictitious club in Ted Lasso's universe, the program has expanded the club over three seasons, making it feel like a real Premier League squad.

In a recent episode, it was revealed that Queen's main singer, Freddie Mercury, had owned a fake group in 1980. Rebecca responded to this news by stating that Freddie Mercury's major ability is "unmasking." However, the episode does not clarify the actual meaning of the term.


What Does Flipping Straights Ted Lasso Mean

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"Flipping straights" simply implies that a person is so appealing that even straight persons of the same gender are drawn to them. Freddie Mercury was openly bisexual, and he was known to attract heterosexual men. So Rebecca wasn't lying when she stated Mercury's expertise was "flipping straights." 

In other words, "revealing" a person's potential to attract or appreciate someone who would ordinarily be drawn to the opposing sex.

It is not meant to change a person's gender, but rather to emphasize a person's overall appeal or attractiveness.


"Flipping Straights": Freddie Mercury's Legacy In Ted Lasso's AFC Richmond Saga

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Both Hannah Waddingham and Freddie Mercury have outstanding four-octave voices and a talent for direct movement. 

The episode is about AFC Richmond's away game versus Manchester City, during which City fans chant their national hymn, "Blue Moon." Keeley proposed that Richmond create their own national song that supporters could chant.

Higgins subsequently revealed that they had a song written during Freddie Mercury's temporary ownership of the squad in 1980, similar to how Elton John temporarily controlled Watford.

flipping straights ted lasso meaning Source: Ted Lasso

He said that Freddie attempted unsuccessfully to make "Fat Bottomed Girls" the club song. Interestingly, when Team Richmond comes home from Manchester later in the show, the song plays on the Ted Lasso soundtrack.

During the chat, Rebecca said that her late father went to art school with Freddie Mercury, which helped her connect with the Queen's frontman even more.

"People always talk about his amazing four-octave vocal range," she started. "But my father always insisted that if you really asked Freddie what his greatest talent was, he would say ‘flipped straight"

flipping straights meaning Source: Ted Lasso

Rebecca is arguing in the context of Ted Lasso that Freddie Mercury was so popular that even straight people said they liked or thought him handsome.

Pedro Pascal, a recent real-life example of this phenomena, has earned great recognition and fan favor in recent months.

Along with homosexual and feminine followers, even casual male fans can enjoy his appearance, charisma, and talent.


Fan Reaction To Ted Lasso Flipping Straights Meaning:

what is flipping straights Source: Ted Lasso

While Rebecca stated Freddie Mercury's greatest gift as "flipping straight," Ted Lasso fans saw parallels between the famed Queen singer and Hannah Waddingham, who performed the character. Rebecca appeared on the show.

"Hannah Waddingham and Freddie Mercury both have amazing 4 octaves and both have a knack for straight transitions," one Twitter user explained.

While another said, "Four octave range and straight flip? It’s Hannah Waddingham, thank you very much."

"Sure, that's also Hannah's talent," another fan said. "Four-octave range and a straight flip."

Finally, one fan believes that the show's makers made Rebecca say the 'Freddie flips upright' tale because he knew it: "I just know Jason Sudeikis made Rebecca tell the ‘Freddie flips upright’ story because he knew it. that Miss Waddingham has all the gays in the palm of her hand."



flipping straights conclusion Source: Google Images

The concept of "flipping straights," as introduced in Ted Lasso, sheds light on the magnetic appeal of certain individuals, like Freddie Mercury, who possess the ability to transcend traditional boundaries of attraction. 

While used in a comedic context on the show, it emphasizes the undeniable charisma that some people exude, drawing admirers from all walks of life. The fan reactions illustrate how easily this idea resonates with audiences, who recognize similar traits in the talented Hannah Waddingham. 

Ultimately, "flipping straights" serves as a testament to the universal allure that transcends conventional definitions of attraction and sexuality.

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