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  1. Were Martin Johnson And Taylor Swift In A Relationship Before?
  2. What Other Celebrities Has Tailor Swift Dated?

Were Martin Johnson And Taylor Swift In A Relationship Before?

Searching for information about Martin Johnson And Taylor Swift? Here we go! Taylor Swift has been unfairly criticized for the people she dates and the subjects of her songs. Some of Taylor's best lyrical work, such as her collaboration with a certain someone going by the name of William Bowery or an entire rerelease of Red (come for the extended track list, stay for the Jake Gyllenhaal shade!), would not exist without her honesty and openness about her romantic life and exes. Let's look back at all the lucky ladies who have dated Taylor Swift (lol, hi, Tom Hiddleston, nice to see you again).

Were Martin Johnson And Taylor Swift In A Relationship Before?

Were Martin Johnson and Taylor Swift in a relationship before? Source: Internet

Yes, Martin Johnson and Taylor Swift were rumored to have been in a romantic relationship in the past. Martin Johnson, a musician and the lead vocalist of the band Boys Like Girls, and Taylor Swift, the renowned singer-songwriter, were linked romantically around the year 2008.

The rumors of Martin Johnson and Taylor Swift's relationship began circulating after Martin co-wrote the song "Breathe" with Taylor Swift for her album "Fearless," released in 2008. The song itself delves into themes of heartbreak and moving on, which led many fans and media outlets to speculate whether the lyrics were inspired by a real-life romantic connection between the two artists.

Despite the rumors and speculation, both Taylor Swift and Martin Johnson have never publicly confirmed or denied the existence of a romantic relationship between them. As is often the case with celebrity relationships, details remained largely private, and the nature of their connection, whether it was purely professional or had a personal dimension, remained unclear.

Taylor's team reportedly did not think Martin Johnson was good for her image, and the Martin Johnson Taylor Swift ship sank in silence, and it has long been said Love Story is inspired by him (Andrea basically confirmed this without naming names).

What Other Celebrities Has Tailor Swift Dated?

Joe Jonas: From July To October Of 2008

Joe and Taylor had been together for two months before they called it quits, but their split was still the most shocking thing. The reason being he abruptly stopped things over the phone, which Taylor verified during an interview on Ellen in November 2008, saying: "If I find the perfect guy, he'll be great, and I won't think twice about forgetting about the guy who dumped me in 25 seconds over the phone when I was 18."

Joe Jonas: From July through October Of 2008

Lucas Till - From March 2009 To April 2009

Lucas played Taylor's boyfriend in the music video for "You Belong With Me," and the two were dating for a short time, probably even shorter than the time Martin Johnson and Taylor Swift spent together as a couple. The least we can say is that Lucas told MTV: "The two of us went on a short-lived relationship. However, there was no conflict because we were all so cordial with one another. The truth is, we both liked each other. Although I loved her as a friend, I never felt a romantic interest in her. This is why most relationships succeed: partners alternate between getting along and fighting before reconciling in a passionate embrace. Honestly, that's the only explanation for why things didn't pan out."Martin Johnson And Taylor Swift

Taylor Lautner - Fall 2009

While filming Valentine's Day, the 2 Taylor's were an item and had some memorable moments together. After being asked in 2016 about what he thought of the song "Back to December," which was purportedly written about him, Twilight Taylor shrugged and said, "That's what she does." The implication of rudeness is more than enough to make me a lifelong member of Team Edward.

taylor swift martin johnson

John Mayer - From December 2009 To February 2010

Those two together will never be forgotten. After a short time together, Taylor and John Mayer's separation was a complete disaster because of John's horrible reaction to Taylor's "Dear John" song. There is an external source for this material. On their site, you might discover the same material presented in a different format or even more details.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, John said:
"I never got an email. Despite my best efforts, I was never contacted via phone. I was taken aback, and it added further humiliation to a situation in which I felt thoroughly degraded. How would you feel if someone kicked you even further down when you were at rock bottom?"

The songwriter continued, "I will say that I believe it's cheap songwriting. I'm not trying to be a downer or anything, but I think it's a waste of your skills to gloat to yourself. Wait till he gets a load of this!" when discussing the world's most famous woman. That's just nonsense!

martin johnson taylor swift

Jake Gyllenhaal - From October 2010 To January 2011

In January, the magazine claimed that Jake had abruptly ended his relationship with Taylor. The turnaround "was a 180 and completely unexpected,"the insider claimed. Jake has recently broken the news to her that their relationship is over. As a result, Taylor is deeply distressed and hurt. What she did for him to make him stop is beyond her comprehension. Having been deeply hurt by him, she feels shattered.

martin johnson taylor swift

Connor Kenedy - From July 2012 To October 2012

Us Weekly was also the first to report on Connor and Taylor's romance when they were spotted holding hands and kissing in Hyannisport, Massachusetts, where an onlooker overheard them discussing their feelings.

The breakup was "completely amicable and down to the distance between them," which is fantastic news, but I'm still disappointed that Taylor didn't become a casual Kennedy.

taylor swift martin johnson

Harry Styles - From November 2012 To January 2013

It's because, despite only being three months long, the Harry Styles portion of this timeline is EXHAUSTING. Speculations about Haylor began when Tay was seen wearing Harry's silver airplane necklace, which she also wore in the music video for her breakup song about Harry Styles, "Out of the Woods."


When they were pictured together in the Central Park Zoo in December, the couple officially "went public." However, after only a few months of dating and a vacation during which Taylor was spotted sitting alone on a boat, the couple eventually broke up, and the name Haylor became widely used. Afterward, things were tense, especially after Taylor dissed Harry by performing in an English accent at the 2013 Grammy Awards.
martin johnson taylor swift dear john

Calvin Harris - Between February 2015 And May 2016

Please don't dwell on this; it caused nothing except emotional distress to Calvin.martin johnson taylor swift relationship

Tom Hiddleston - From May 2016 To September 2016

Do you recall when Taylor was seeing Tom Hiddleston, that poor, confused soul? No? Here's a refresher, just in case. A chance encounter at the Met Gala sparks Taylor and Tom's improbable romance. THEN in June, photographs of the couple kissing atop a cliff in Rhode Island were published in The Sun. A lot of people on the internet had concerns. To what extent were these photographs staged?

After the pictures spread online, everything moved quickly. Tom has been seen with Taylor and a group of supermodels enjoying the beach while wearing an "I HEART TS" tank top and seeing Taylor's parents in Nashville and at a Selena Gomez performance. Unfortunately, the couple's relationship began to deteriorate in September 2016, with rumors circulating that Taylor had begun to suspect that Tom wasn't with her for the right reasons.

Joe Alwyn - May 2017 And Onward

This is a fancy way of explaining that Taylor and Joe met at the Met Gala on the first Monday of May. Fans assume they shared a moment at the event because Taylor sings, "Flashback to when you met me / Your buzz cut / And my hair bleached" (although no one has confirmed this). And it seems like Martin Johnson and Taylor Swift were indeed in a relationship, though it did not last long.

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