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Married At First Sight Season 17 BIG SPOILERS: Lauren And Orion Is Having Divorce Because Of A BIG RED FLAG

If you're up to date with the reality TV show, you might be curious about which couples are still together from Married at First Sight Season 17. The Lifetime TV show, which debuted in July 2014 on FYI, was adapted from the Danish TV show Gift Ved Første Blik. The first season unfolded in New York City and New Jersey, featuring three couples who, as the show's title suggests, are married when they first meet.
These couples embark on a honeymoon and then spend eight weeks together, living a family lifestyle. At the end of these eight weeks, they face Decision Day, where they decide whether to stay married or opt for divorce. The show involves various experts who assess the couples' compatibility. And, the most intriguing part of the show, is maybe the couples' conflicts, like in this case.

Lauren And Orion Is Heading To Divorce?

For Season 17, In the latest episodes of the show, viewers have had the opportunity to become acquainted with Lauren G and Orion Martzloff. However, several red flags have surfaced in their relationship. Orion, who is Native American, takes great pride in his culture but emphasizes that he doesn't want to be treated as an object solely because of his Indigenous heritage.
He seeks a partner who genuinely understands the significance of his culture and is willing to be a true companion in every aspect of life. On the other hand, Lauren, who has never dated outside of her race, holds a deep connection to her black culture. Despite their differences, both have expressed feeling empowered by learning about each other's culture.
The couple has already gone through the unique experience of meeting at the altar, exchanging vows, and officially becoming husband and wife. There was an instant attraction, and they sensed a calming presence in each other. Lauren and Orion also had a sit-down gathering with each other's families the day after the wedding, just before embarking on their honeymoon.
All four couples have officially met, providing an opportunity for mutual support during the honeymoon and beyond. However, it appears that Lauren and Orion might require additional support, as their relationship has encountered the most friction among the couples.
In Episode 7, a significant moment unfolds as Lauren opens up about contemplating divorce. In a shared clip from ET, the bride experiences a moment of emotional release while confiding in fellow participant Clare. The mounting tensions between Lauren and her newlywed husband Orion reach a breaking point.
Lauren discloses to Clare that she's been making an effort to keep her composure in front of others, expressing the struggle: "I'm trying so hard because I did feel myself falling for him, and now I'm like, 'Well, what the f**k?'" This revelation marks a pivotal moment in the unfolding dynamics of Lauren's relationship, adding a layer of complexity and uncertainty to her journey on the show.

But Why?

Married At First Sight Lauren And Orion Source: MAFS
As the scene unfolds, Lauren discloses that Orion accused her of not having his back, citing, "It’s just, there are things that happened to me that I’m like, ‘I can give you grace, I know that wasn’t your best self. I know that we are working through this.’ But for this, he’s like, ‘No, you attacked my community, my culture.'"
This reference likely pertains to their conversation about derogatory language, discussing terms used against Black Americans and Indigenous people. Lauren asserts that she has apologized multiple times for any insensitivity towards Orion. Frustrated, she questions aloud to Clare, "How many more times can I tell you that I’m researching and doing what I need to do to navigate this intercultural relationship that I’ve never done before because I care so much about you? And you’re down here saying that I don’t have your back and I’ve failed the marriage?"
Clare attempts to console Lauren, who further reveals that she asked Orion for a divorce. Lauren shares, "I just had this huge blowup with him in which I was yelling, and I asked for a divorce because he told me that he feels like I failed him and I failed the marriage. And I took my ring off today. I’m so mad. I’m just so mad."
The future of their wedded bliss remains uncertain, and only time will reveal the fate of Lauren and Orion's marriage. Stay tuned for the latest episode of Married at First Sight.
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