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  1. Clara Berghaus' Married At First Sight Relationship With Ryan
  2. Meet Clara Berghaus And Her New Boyfriend, Max

Clara Berghaus From Married At First Sight: Who Is Her New Boyfriend?

Clara Berghaus from "Married At First Sight," season 12, a reality TV show on Lifetime. was matched with Ryan Obure on the show. Right from the start, Clara and Ryan found themselves in the middle of some juicy drama. Throughout their journey on the show, they mostly appeared to be a solid team. Ryan really took to being a pet parent to Clara's husky, Miska, which was pretty cool to see. However, they split ways not long after then she soon got a new boyfriend which is already considered a much better fit.

Key Takeaways

    • Clara Berghaus, from "Married At First Sight" Season 12, experienced a dramatic marriage with Ryan Oubre, ultimately leading to divorce due to unresolved issues and lack of trust.
    • Post-divorce, Clara found happiness in a new relationship with Max, celebrating their first anniversary, and transitioning to a new career outside the airline industry.
    • Clara's TV career includes appearances on "Strictly Stalking," "Married at First Sight: Couples Couch," and "Married at First Sight: Unfiltered," showcasing her reality show journey.

    Clara Berghaus' Married At First Sight Relationship With Ryan

    Clara Berghaus' Married At First Sight Relationship With Ryan Source: Lifetime
    Clara Berghaus opened up about her split from Ryan Oubre during a special episode of "Married at First Sight." This special not only introduced the Season 14 cast but also gave updates on past participants, like Clara from Season 12.
    In her segment, Clara got real about her and Ryan's rocky marriage. She started by watching clips from their time on the show, which reminded her of the good times before their divorce. Clara admitted that, although they had happy moments, a lot of tension existed, especially when the cameras were off.
    One big issue that contributed to their breakup was Clara's public discussion of their sexual frustrations. She revealed that a specific moment on the show, where she vented to the other MAFS wives about their sex life, deeply upset Ryan and his family. This scene led Ryan to lose trust in Clara, and despite her apologies, the damage was done.
    Clara also confessed that contrary to what they let viewers believe, she and Ryan did start sleeping together after their one-month anniversary. They kept it a secret because Ryan wanted to maintain privacy, which made Clara uncomfortable discussing their sex life on the show.
    Despite the struggles, Clara believes their marriage was doomed from the start. She feels they couldn't meet each other's emotional needs, and the relationship would have ended regardless of the controversial clip.
    The final nail in the coffin was when Ryan told Clara he couldn't see a future with her and didn't trust her, mainly due to the ongoing issue with the clip. They even sought marriage counseling, but Ryan had already decided to end things.
    Now, Clara and Ryan are no longer in contact, which Clara prefers. She's relieved that her marriage to Ryan is over and feels free to start anew.

    Meet Clara Berghaus And Her New Boyfriend, Max

    Meet Clara Berghaus And Her New Boyfriend, Max Source: Clara Berghaus

    Not Much Is Known About Clara's Background

    Clara Berghaus was born in July 1993, although her exact birth date isn't publicly known. Standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing around 120lbs, Clara is often admired for her striking beauty and features that many find enviable.

    In her conversation with Heavy, which mainly focused on her profession, Clara shared her contentment with her decision to switch majors and pursue a career as a flight attendant. This career change seems to have brought her a great deal of joy and satisfaction.

    She Is Happy With Her Current Boyfriend, Max

    Clara recently celebrated a special milestone with her boyfriend, Max. They marked their first year together, a relationship she made public on Instagram in March 2023. Their connection had already been strong before going public.

    Despite living in different countries, Clara and Max have committed to making their relationship work. To commemorate their anniversary, Clara posted several photos with Max on social media, accompanied by a heartfelt message.

    In her post, Clara reflected on how their paths crossed a year ago, suggesting it was fate. She expressed her deep love for Max, having fallen for him almost instantly. Clara's excitement for their future plans was evident as she professed her love with poetic flair, saying she loves him "to the moon and to the planets."

    Max, too, shared his affection with a special post. He reminisced about a significant moment in Vegas, which he described as a "winning gamble" that led to their wonderful year together. His post, full of love, celebrated their journey around the sun as a couple.

    Career Outside Of Reality Shows

    Recently, Clara took to Instagram to share her excitement about transitioning to a new career. She posted three celebratory photos where she's seen joyfully holding a large bottle and spraying it, all while dressed in a cheerful yellow dress adorned with white floral prints. Her post captures the moment of celebration on the eve of starting her new job.

    She expressed her mix of excitement and nerves about moving away from the airline industry, a field she had been part of for over seven years. Clara mentioned that while she loved traveling the world, her affection for the airline industry had waned.

    She acknowledged the growth and change she's experienced since starting her job with Delta at age 22. Clara is now looking forward to a role that aligns more closely with her current priorities and lifestyle, particularly one that allows her to spend evenings at home, maintain a regular schedule, and enjoy weekends and holidays.


    TV And Reality Shows

    • Guest appearance on "Strictly Stalking" podcast series in 2022, participating in one episode.
    • Featured in "Married at First Sight: Couples Couch" TV series in 2023, appearing as herself in two episodes.
    • Participated in "Married at First Sight" TV series in 2021, appearing as herself across 21 episodes.
    • Appeared in "Married at First Sight: Unfiltered" TV series in 2021, featured in five episodes as herself.

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