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Meet Mada Abdelhamid on Next Level Chef, The Former WWE Wrestler

"Next Level Chef" welcomes Mada Abdelhamid in its 2024 season. Abdelhamid, known for his striking presence, enters the cooking competition with a unique background combining professional wrestling and celebrity fitness training. As a former WWE wrestler, Mada's move from wrestling to "Next Level Chef" is an interesting change in his career path.

The show, famous for its intense cooking contests and creative format, hosts a variety of contestants like home cooks, internet stars, and experienced chefs. They all compete for the top prize and the chance to be coached by famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay. At 36, Abdelhamid adds his mix of athletic ability, star appeal, and love for cooking to the mix, raising the excitement level of the competition.

Key Takeaways

  • Mada Abdelhamid, ex-WWE wrestler, spices up "Next Level Chef" with his mix of sports, acting, and cooking skills.
  • From the wrestling ring to the kitchen, Mada's varied life experiences add an interesting twist to the show.
  • Mada's story on the show motivates viewers to chase their dreams and shows that hard work pays off in any area.


Who is Mada Abdelhamid?

Who is Mada Abdelhamid Source: @realdealmada

Mada Abdelhamid, a fascinating character with a diverse background, has grabbed the attention of audiences beyond wrestling. Born on June 29, 1987, in Los Angeles, California, Abdelhamid's experiences range from sports to acting, and now, to cooking. His Egyptian heritage and life in Egypt and New Zealand give him a special outlook and approach.


In his private life, Mada Abdelhamid is married, but he keeps his family life away from the public eye. Physical Appearance At 6 feet 6 inches tall and 245 pounds, Abdelhamid's physical stature is as impressive as his personality. His athletic form, shaped by his sports and fitness background, adds to his strong yet likable presence.

Net Worth

Currently, his net worth is around $5 million.


Abdelhamid's career journey is impressive. He first became known on WWE's "Tough Enough" and then as a personal trainer for the actor Jason Momoa. His time in WWE, though short, displayed his athletic talent and showmanship. After WWE, Mada went into acting, appearing in Movies like "Dune" and "Aquaman." His latest shift to the culinary world with "Next Level Chef" is yet another interesting turn in his varied career.

Social Media

Mada Abdelhamid, @realdealmada on social media, has built a strong online following. With over 110k followers on Instagram, he shares his interests in food, fitness, and family. As a public figure, Mada uses this space to share his cooking adventures, especially his time on "Next Level Chef" Season 3.

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Mada Abdelhamid on Next Level Chef

Mada Abdelhamid's role in "Next Level Chef" Season 3 is a new phase in his varied career. The show, known for its unique format and intense cooking challenges, is a great stage for Mada to show off his culinary talent and enthusiasm. Competing against a group of skilled individuals, he brings his own special touch to the kitchen. "Next Level Chef" is more than just cooking; it's about creativity, adaptability, and staying strong under stress.

With mentors like Gordon Ramsay, Nyesha Arrington, and Richard Blais, the contest is tough and the learning intense. For Mada, it's a chance to go beyond his sports and showbiz background and prove himself in a new field. The excitement about Mada's performance is high, given his past in high-pressure situations like WWE and as a trainer to a star. Fans and viewers are curious to see how his competitive spirit and physical strength play out in his cooking ability and creativity.

Mada's time on "Next Level Chef" is not just a personal test; it's a motivation for those wanting to change their lives and follow their dreams, no matter their past. His participation in the show shows that with determination and effort, anyone can excel in their chosen field.

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