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  1. Who Is Luke Kirby's Wife, Andrea Sarubbi?
  2. When Did Luke Kirby And Andrea Sarubbi Meet?
  3. The Married Life Of Luke Kirby And Andrea Sarubbi
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Getting To Know Andrea Sarubbi: The Woman Behind Emmy Winner Luke Kirby's Success

Luke Kirby’s wife, Andrea Sarubbi, has been the true love of the Emmy-winning actor after a lot of rocky relationships with other actresses. Interestingly, not a lot of information about their relationship is known publicly, as the relationship is kept private.

Consequently, we're here to help you find out all the drama Luke and Andrea Sarubbi had to go through to be together. Let's get on with it!


Who Is Luke Kirby's Wife, Andrea Sarubbi?

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A lot of fans have been asking the question, “Is Luke Kirby married?” In fact, he is married to Andrea Sarubbi. Andrea Sarubbi (born May 19, 1970) is an American who was born in San Francisco but raised in Tokyo. Andrea began her journey in showbiz at the age of just 14.

She is known for her work in various Movies and TV shows, including "Living Dolls," "Black Tie Affair", "Law & Order," and "20th Century Women". In addition to her acting career, Andrea Sarubbi has experience as a wardrobe stylist, notably working on the TV show "Treasure Seekers" in 2000.


When Did Luke Kirby And Andrea Sarubbi Meet?

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Andrea has been romantically linked with Luke Kirby since 2013. They started to know each other around 2010–2011, although they never officially confirmed their relationship. In 2013, through an article in the Daily Mail, Luke broke up with Andrea before getting back together in 2019.

The time that Andrea Sarubbi became Luke Kirby’s wife is still unknown. However, in an interview with Forbes, Luke mentioned Andrea as his wife. The couple has attended several Hollywood events together, including the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards in 2019.


The Married Life Of Luke Kirby And Andrea Sarubbi

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Kirby may be private about his personal life, but he occasionally mentions his wife in interviews. In one interview, the actor said, "I've gotten confident wearing short shorts. I spent the first 40 years of my life being ashamed of my legs, and now my wife says she wishes she had them."

Luke also mentioned in an interview with The Cut that he “shared a love of runway shows with his wife”, which turned out to fit with Andrea’s costume designing career.

In 2021, he also talked about his wife again. The actor revealed that they quarantined together during COVID while in Los Angeles. Kirby remarked that as their lifestyle became very quiet, Sarubbi was his support.



Fans of Luke Kirby may need to respect the couple‘s privacy and hope that one day they will be more open about their relationship. Despite the private nature of her relationship with Luke Kirby, they have made occasional appearances together at Hollywood events.

While details about their relationship remain low-key, Andrea Sarubbi's life is undoubtedly a captivating aspect of Luke Kirby's personal journey. Luke Kirby’s wife, Andrea, is a woman of intrigue with her unique background.

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