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'Love Language' SZA Meaning: About Her Spouse

Searching for Love Language SZA meaning? Here we go! Even though it was a little overhyped, SZA's second album was sure to get people talking, and not just because it came after one of the most critically acclaimed debut albums of the 2010s. This record broke new ground in R&B and sold 3 million copies in the US alone. It was the first big hit for an artist who wasn't afraid to go against the rules.
It took so long before an SOS was issued. Two years ago, they released the song "Good Days" as a precursor to what was to come. According to rumors, SZA's astrologer suggested she release I Hate U on SoundCloud in the summer of 2021. The expected release dates passed without incident. In May, she announced that the album was "complete" and that the 2017 summer would be "an SZA summer."

#1. Love Language SZA Meaning

Love Language SZA Meaning
The fifth track from SZA's upcoming and highly anticipated second album, "S.O.S.", is titled "Love Language." Also, SZA Snooze Meaning.
This track incorporates a sample from SZA's upcoming single "Hit Different," which will feature Ty Dolla $ign. Lyrically, the song depicts SZA pleading with her spouse for greater openness, stating that she wants them to provide her with means of improving their communication with her and showing her more affection. The song has a steady mid-speed tempo, significant R&B influence, and a string solo near the end.

#2. Song Lyrics

Love Language SZA Meaning Source: Getty Images
"[Verse 1]Said, "Patience ain't no virtue with you"I done wasted plenty time pacin' around, hate this coupeYou with bitches on the side and let my mind wonder tooYou relentless, nigga, I don't need rent, niggaText me like I'm waiting for you to come lie to meAll my days sayin', just to hurt me, I can't competeStill on the way, I lay awake, give you none around meI'm so on to you, still gone for you
[Chorus]Needin' you to talk to me in your love languageShow me, yeah, how to connect to youHelp me understand how you speak your love language


[Verse 2]Bad as I wanna be yours, I can't get with your programSexin' like a slow jam, stick around 'cause I want toBad as I wanna keep focus, you remind me I'm imperfectAnd it sucks to admitNobody put that purpose in me like you do, stillNobody get that work up out me like you doNobody get the truth about me quite like youYou the definition of my right handNever mind ridin' backseat when you leave me
[Chorus]Talk to me in your love languageShow me, yeah, how to connect to youHelp me understand how you speak your love language
[Verse 3]Call me like you can't suppress memories of meCall me like you got confessions queued upLike ya' last bitch, lookin' chewed up, babyCall me like you don't regret missin' this old thingBabe, call meYou know the difference between me and chickens
[Outro: Ty Dolla $ign]You don't wanna be, be without meYou don't want to leaveI don't want to die, ooh, noI don't wanna be alone, ohAll that I know is mirrors inside meThey recognize you, please don't deny me
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