Love Island: Why Did Sammie Push Water On Olivia? On Purpose? Love Island Sammie And Olivia Scandal

The boys competed in the 'Ladiators' challenge on tonight's episode of Love Island, and an unexpected incident led to a confrontation between Olivia and Samie. Fans have sided with Samie and blasted Olivia for stirring up 'unnecessary drama'. Why did Sammie push water on Olivia? Did she do that on purpose?

#1. Love Island Sammie And Olivia Scandal

Love Island Sammie And Olivia ScandalSource: bristol post

Things got heated during Monday night's episode as tensions started to rise between Olivia and Samie. As most of the islanders embraced the 'Ladiator' challenge, Olivia was left less than impressed after an awkward spillage. Each boy took turns to deliver a bold speech, shortly followed by them flexing their muscles for the girls. 
The boys then had to choose a girl to carry through the remainder of the course on a chariot. Tom Clare, now coupled up with Samie, unsurprisingly chose her for the challenge. But whilst on the chariot, Samie pushed over a pillar holding liquid towards Olivia. As the splash came over, Olivia jumped back in shock. Speaking to the Beach hut after the challenge Olivia recalled the incident, admitting 'I think she has an issue with me'.
During the challenge, Olivia gets angry and wonders whether the two have an "issue" after Samie accidentally splashed water on her during the challenge. Olivia's expression was one of shock when the water splashed her. "Were you trying to soak me? I see, no worries I see," she exclaimed.
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#2. Fans reactions

Love Island Sammie And Olivia ScandalSource: Daily Mail

Following the incident, fans quickly took to Twitter, with many believing Olivia reacted badly. One said: "They’re finally seeing that Olivia is problematic! #loveisland." A second said: "Olivia most of the problems in the villa start with you…get the hint." A third joked: "If you sneezed, Olivia will swear it's connected to her somehow."
Another claimed: "Sooo all the guys have been pouring water on the girls and no one complained as soon as Sammie does it too Olivia , there’s now a problem." Viewers were not impressed with Olivia's 'petty' reaction to the challenge mishap, labelling her a 'cry baby'. One viewer said: 'Can we all vote Olivia off please? She's like one of those people that cry for no reason thinking people are bullying her, everyday victim playing'.
Another acknowledged: 'The more I watch Olivia the more it makes sense why she's never been in a relationship at 27'. 'Olivia is a cry baby and they need to get her off the show', another said. Meanwhile, other fans praised Samie for the move. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about trending news.
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