20 Kids Who Definitely Have No Idea How Funny They Are

Raising a kid is a hard and tiring adventure but you know you are living with a comedian, don't you? Whenever you need it, kids will organize a free comedy show so you can laugh all the stress away. Good news! We are back with a compilation of hilarious snaps of kids who don't know how funny they are at all. Their parents just couldn't help but take a photo of their kids doing ridiculous things and shared it on the Internet so that everyone can see.
From imitating the pose of a statue to playing with mom's makeup kit to sleeping in an insane position, etc, this list is full of funny kids who can bring a smile to your face whenever you see them. Scroll down below for some fun and don't forget to check out our previous post here!

#1. My wife is do I feed this thing or what?

Source: TamboresCinco

#2. Baby drowns in horrific aquarium accident

Source: Iggy82

#3. Dang helpppppppp

Source: stevie7

#4. Ahhhhhhhhh

Source: Correct-Ad-1989

#5. Shopping with mom

Source: The Viral Fans

#6. Don't cry

Source: The Viral Fans

#7. Hello adorable!

Source: The Viral Fans

#8. Lemme help you

Source: The Viral Fans

#9. Water I want some water

Source: The Viral Fans

#10. Makeup tutorial

Source: The Viral Fans

#11. Oops

Source: The Viral Fans

#12. Story time

Source: The Viral Fans

#13. Not the bed, buddy

Source: Chef Josh Omusiisisiisi

#14. Pizza separated

Source: major_herb

#15. Can anyone caption this?

Source: letzg00akland

#16. Fly like an eagle, baby

Source: moelszy

#17. I think he’s outgrown my Costco trip dadhack.

Source: rockbblues

#18. The kids wanted spiderman costumes.. did not disappoint

Source: Houville

#19. Insane sleeping positions

Source: PuffPuffPassPuff

#20. My kid wanted to “open” the banana by herself this morning. Am I raising a serial killer?

Source: John_McCuddles

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