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Everything About Lia Thomas: Birth Name, Parents, Boyfriend, Before Pics & More

Read on to learn more about her. We discuss Lia Thomas' birth name, spouse, parents, and prior images in this section.

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas won the NCAA 500-yard championship. With a time of 4:33.24, she outperformed Virginia freshman Emma Weyant by 1.75 seconds. Before making the change, Lia competed in swimming for three years at Penn. She has had a number of controversies, and at this point, she finds her friends and family to be supportive.

Lia told ESPN after winning, "I try to ignore it as much as I can. I’m trying to focus on my swimming, which I need to do to prepare for my races. I’m just trying to block out everything else.”


Lia Thomas’ Birth Name

  • The names of Lia Thomas:
  • Birth name/Dead name: William Thomas
  • Former nickname: Will
  • Current Name: Lia Thomas

Lija Thomas' birth name is William "Will" Thomas. The swimmer was born William Thomas but changed her name to Lia Catherine Thomas after her gender transformation. Lia and her elder brother were raised by their parents in Austin, Texas.

Lia discussed a list of potential names for her with her parents while they talked. As Sports Illustrated notes, none of the names, however, captured the essence. She was originally inspired to choose the name "Lia" by Wil, which she loved.

Because "Catherine" was her mother's maiden name, she decided to use it as her middle name. Yes, she said, "That really meant a lot to me."

lia thomas real name Source: Google Images

Additionally, Lia began using her name on January 1, 2020. She said in an interview:

“It is a turning point in a very long transition process where you feel that I am this and I am going to live this. In a way, it was a kind of rebirth, for the first time in my life, feeling completely connected to my name and who I am and living who I am. I’m Lia.”

Additionally, Lia's story has developed into a right-wing obsession, as seen by her frequent appearances on Fox News. The conservative media purposefully uses the name she went by before to transition, referring to her as a guy and calling her a dead person.


Lia Thomas’ Before Photos

Like other well-known transgender celebrities, Lia Thomas drew admirers who were curious about what she looked like before her transition. Below are one of Lia Thomas’ before photos that you’ve been looking for:

lia thomas dead name Source: Google Images

After coming out to her family and friends, Lia started her transition. Her HRT regimen began in May 2019. "I appreciate HRT knowing and accepting that I can’t swim anymore." she remarked, “I was just trying to live my life.”


Meet Lia Thomas’ Parents: Bob And Carrie Thomas

Lia Thomas parents Source: Google Images

Lia Thomas was born to Bob and Carrie Thomas. Her parents are mostly unknown. They did, however, support her daughter's athletic and sexual growth. Lia advises her parents not to quarrel since she is constantly bullied on social media.

Both parents suspected that their child was struggling throughout his first year of college and that something was wrong. "Yes, everything we discussed on that call was personal,"

Bob answered in an interview. Him and his wife just wanted to show their love and support for their daughter. “We will do whatever it takes to make Lia a part of this family. We didn’t want to lose her.”

Lia Thomas family Source: Google Images

USA Swimming issued new restrictions on February 1, 2021. The new standards establish a maximum testosterone level of five nanomoles per liter, half the previous Olympic threshold, that transgender athletes must record regularly for 36 months before applying to swim as women.

An NCAA subcommittee suggested deferring a decision on whether or not to apply the standards. Lia's parents and friends were well aware that hostility would arise as the NCAA Championships neared.

“You can get involved [ with negativity] and let it dominate your thinking, or you can be a force for good. You can’t drink that water or you’ll sink.”


Does Lia Thomas Have A Boyfriend?

Does Lia Thomas Have A Boyfriend Source: Google Images

It is unknown whether or not Lia Thomas has a boyfriend or is in a relationship, as she keeps her personal life a secret. She was apparently on Instagram, but she blocked her comments due to the negative feedback she got.

As a result, Lia kept her personal life private. She has also yet to discuss her masculine life before to the change. As of the publication of this article in 2022, we think Lia is single.

FAQs About Lia Thomas Source: Google Images

Lia Thomas has an older brother named Wes Thomas. Wes attended Westlake High School and the University of Pennsylvania, where he was on the men’s swim team. 

Subsequently, he served as a volunteer assistant coach to the women’s swimming and diving coach.

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What is Lia Thomas’ height?

Lia Thomas stands up to 6 feet 3 inches tall.

What is Lia Thomas’ net worth?

Lia Thomas may have a net worth of less than $100k.

What is Lia Thomas’ birth name?

Lia Thomas’ birth name is William "Will" Thomas



lia thomas conclusion Source: Google Images

In conclusion, Lia Thomas, the transgender swimmer who made headlines for her achievements and the controversies surrounding her participation in women's sports, has undergone a remarkable journey of self-discovery and transformation. Lia Thomas' birth name is William "Will" Thomas, but she courageously embraced her true identity as Lia Catherine Thomas.

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