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  1. What Happened To Laurel and Nicole’s Relationship?
  2. What the Reddit Community Says About Laurel and Nicole's Relationship

Are Laurel and Nicole from The Challenge Still Together in 2024?

Right now, it's unclear whether Laurel Stucky and Nicole Zanatta are still together in 2024. Laurel Stucky and Nicole Zanatta, both stars of MTV's The Challenge, have had a rocky past that has caught fans' interest for years. From their romance beginning on The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions to their big breakups and public feuds, their relationship has been anything but simple.

In recent times, their relationship seemed to be sparking up again, with hints of rekindling during The Challenge: All Stars 4. Nicole even hinted to fans with a necklace bearing Laurel's name, suggesting a possible reconciliation. Laurel accused Nicole of cheating and being a relationship wrecker, specifically referencing an incident involving the sister of Laurel's "Ride or Dies" partner Jakk Maddox at his wedding. Nicole, on the other hand, defended herself against these accusations and asked Laurel to move on.

Key Takeaways

  • Laurel and Nicole's current relationship is a big question mark in 2024, after a history of on-and-off drama that's kept fans hooked.
  • Their spat got messy with cheating claims and public blow-ups, including a wedding drama that's got everyone talking.
  • Reddit's buzzing with opinions on Laurel and Nicole, from calling out bad behavior to feeling for what they're going through, showing just how much their story's got people invested.

What Happened To Laurel and Nicole’s Relationship?

Nicole Zanatta and Laurel Stucky's relationship took a tumultuous turn when Nicole posted pictures on Instagram, seemingly portraying her current relationship as a model of healthiness. Laurel perceived this as an indirect criticism of their former partnership and hinted at Nicole's potential infidelity in a now-deleted comment.

This led to a big argument, with Nicole hitting back by accusing Laurel of theft and manipulative behavior. She defended her own relationship status, hinting that Laurel was the one with unresolved issues. The conflict blew up as Laurel accused Nicole of being a relationship wrecker and a liar, referring to an incident involving Jakk Maddox's sister during his wedding in Italy. Laurel's accusations painted a picture of Nicole's behavior as destructive and deceitful.

Nicole, in her defense, insisted that Laurel had stolen her phone during the trip, leaving her stranded in Italy without a means of communication. She labeled Laurel a liar and pleaded for her to move on and cease her attempts to tarnish Nicole's reputation.

Amid the back-and-forth, Jakk Maddox, a mutual friend and Challenge partner to Laurel, entered the fray in support of Laurel. He slammed Nicole's actions and character, adding to the public story of Nicole's alleged lack of ethics. 


What the Reddit Community Says About Laurel and Nicole's Relationship

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The Reddit community has been talking about Laurel and Nicole's relationship, offering a mix of insights, guesses, and reactions to their public feud. Here are some direct comments from the discussions:

  • A user commented, "If my significant other cheated on me AT MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING with their SISTER in another country I’d probably take their phone too. Nicole has no moral ground here." Another member stated, "Honestly, I love that Nicole seems to think Laurel taking her phone, whether accidentally or on purpose, seems to absolve her of anything."
  • On Nicole's Character: "It’s actually worse than it seems. That woman has no morals, no integrity, no soul," was shared by Jakk Maddox, highlighting the depth of the situation beyond the online spat.
  • Community Reaction: "Jemmye enters the conversation" means news hits the big time," a user remarked, indicating the significance when more Challenge cast members join the discussion.
  • Moral Support for Laurel: "Everyone wants to be loved. And no matter how good looking or talented or smart or charismatic you are, being loved is not promised. So it's a powerful thing to have over someone," shared a Redditor, empathizing with the emotional turmoil involved.

These comments reflect the community's engagement with the drama, providing a spectrum of perspectives on the situation. From condemning Nicole's actions to empathizing with Laurel's position, the Reddit community serves as a microcosm of the broader public opinion on this controversial relationship.

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