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  1. Meet Laura Goldin: The King of Netflix Collectibles Ken Goldin’s Daughter
  2. Laura Goldin Age: How Old Is Laura Goldin?
  3. Does Laura Goldin Have A Husband? Is She In A Relationship?
  4. Laura Goldin’s Education & Career
  5. Meet Jennifer Goldin - Laura Goldin’s Biological Mother
  6. Meet Laura Goldin’s Siblings
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Laura Goldin Wikipedia: Age, Parents, Career, Husband, Siblings

Laura Goldin and her father Ken have a similar sense of humor, demonstrating that the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. Laura recently accompanied her father on a trip to Puerto Rico in search of rare basketball memorabilia. Laura's life and accomplishments are explored in this biography.


Meet Laura Goldin: The King of Netflix Collectibles Ken Goldin’s Daughter

For decades, Ken Goldin and his firm have been selling memorabilia. He is currently doing it in front of cameras on the set of Netflix's King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch.

To sell collectibles, you must first purchase them. During episode 4, Ken goes on one of these journeys to get some rare basketball memorabilia, and his daughter Laura Goldin unexpectedly joins him. Laura, on the other hand, said that anytime her father boarded a private plane, she had to accompany him.

Throughout the show, the two appeared to have a fantastic friendship and would frequently joke about.

ken goldin daughter Source: Instagram

"The official trailer has arrived!" They obviously don't want to give away the greatest scenes (my) just yet, but swipe for a sneak peak All episodes will be available on Netflix on April 28. @netflix @kengoldin", Laura advertised the series on Instagram.

Laura's father, Ken, was the CEO and creator of Goldin Auctions, a major trading card, collectable, and memorabilia marketplace. He created the firm in January 2012, fourteen years after Goldin Sports Inc. was founded.

However, in 1986, he founded The Score Board Inc, a card trading licensee and maker, sports and Entertainment marketer focusing in TV sales.

Ken is now one of the most well-known figures in the collectibles market, having sold more than $1.3 billion in memorabilia for many of the biggest names in sports, history, and pop culture.

He is known for selling the most expensive trading cards and other memorabilia, including a Mike Trout Bowman rookie card ($3.9 million), a Kobe Bryant jersey ($3.69 million), and Michael's signature card. Jordan is the most costly ($2.7 million).


Laura Goldin Age: How Old Is Laura Goldin?

age and bio Source: Instagram

Laura Goldin appears in King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch 2023 when she was 23 years old. She was, however, a year younger when she taped the episode.


Does Laura Goldin Have A Husband? Is She In A Relationship?

Laura Goldin has not disclosed their marital status. But she appears to be single at the moment of writing. Follow her on Instagram to get up to date with the latest details in her personal life:


Laura Goldin’s Education & Career

education Source: Instagram

Laura Goldin had recently graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor's degree in economics and minors in psychology and marketing, so she was seeking for the ideal job.

She informed her father in King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch that she applied for 15 jobs before he asked if she would consider working at her business.

Laura, on the other hand, stated that it "would have to be" her "own internal project" if she had to undertake it. Ken probably didn't have those alternatives. Laura was working as a media planning assistant at Merkley + Partners when we last checked.

Prior to that, he interned in marketing and public relations for 6 months at Cashman & Associates and 3 months at Bleecker Trading.

During her undergraduate years, she also worked as a customer service employee at Goldin Auctions, a receptionist at Akoi Nail Spa, and a camp counselor at M'kor Shalom Synagogue.


Meet Jennifer Goldin - Laura Goldin’s Biological Mother

father Source: Instagram

Laura Goldin's mother, Jennifer, and father divorced when she was a child. Ken, her father, later married.

Laura was last seen with her mother in February 2022. They were both at Syracuse University for "bring your mom tailgating day."

Jennifer is a certified social worker who has worked with hospice services, aging at home, home care needs, families, and teenagers in the foster care/mental health system.

She has been a social worker at Lighthouse Hospice for about 6 years and Caring Hospice for over 14 years in 2023.

mother Source: Instagram

Jennifer previously worked as an Activities Assistant at Lions Gate CCRC for one year, as a Clinical Social Worker at the Child Guidance Center of Philadelphia for four years, and as a Foster Care Social Worker at Youth Services Inc. for four years more.

Jennifer will be 58 years old in December 2022. Jennifer Goldin may be found on Instagram @jennifer.goldin.16 and Facebook @jennifer.a.goldin.


Meet Laura Goldin’s Siblings

siblings Source: Instagram

Laura Goldin has only one biological sibling, Lindsey Goldin.

Lindsey was born in July 1996 and currently works at Orchard as a Content Acquisition Coordinator. She was the Music Director/Midday Show Host at WNRN before that, as well as the Outreach Coordinator at the Center for Community Dispute Resolution and an on-air personality at WERS 88.9 FM.

Paul and Carleigh Goldin are Laura's half-siblings. Carleigh will be born on October 23, 2017, while the first was born on August 7, 2013.

faqs Source: Instagram
  • What is Laura Goldin's birthday?

Laura celebrates her birthday on February 4 and is born under the sign of Aquarius.

  • Where is Laura Goldin from?

Laura did not mention where she was from. However, in 2023, she was in New York, New York.

  • Is Laura Goldin active on Instagram and Facebook?

Laura Goldin has 7.4k followers on Instagram as of April 2023.



Laura Goldin, showcased in the Netflix series "King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch," stands out both in her academic and professional realms, closely tied to the renowned father, Ken Goldin. 

Her journey, enriched by familial bonds, displays ambition and determination. As Laura continues to evolve, you can check out her Instagram for a glimpse into her vibrant life.

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