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  1. Who Is Lalo Gone Brazy? Real Name Revealed
  2. How Old Is Lalo From TikTok?
  3. Lalo Gone Brazy’s Death Rumors
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Who Is Lalo Gone Brazy From TikTok? Real Name, Age & More

Lalo Gone Brazy is a TikToker who is frequently in the news and trending on the app for a variety of viral situations. But who is he, and, more importantly, how old is he, as many people wonder?

TikTok has been the leading platform for converting average people into viral sensations over several years. Because of the way the app's For You Page works, anyone may become a viral sensation.

This is very much the case with 'Lalo Gone Brazy,' who has previously made headlines, been the subject of several viral memes, and more. After reports of his death surfaced in 2022, there was also great worry for his well-being.

Everything you need to know about the TikToker is right here.


Who Is Lalo Gone Brazy? Real Name Revealed

Lalo Gone Brazy, whose real name is Nalgon, was born in Mexico. After submitting his first TikTok video in April 2022, he became a regular user.

On the video-sharing network, the influencer has about 1 million followers. With his fast-paced rhyming ability, lip-syncing, sound effects, and dancing videos, he became a popular face.

His films are mostly in Spanish, and viewers appreciated his trumpet noises at the opening of his videos the most.


How Old Is Lalo From TikTok?

How Old Is Lalo From TikTok? Source: Google Images

Lalo is a 23-year-old as of 2023. His age has piqued the attention of followers, who may be unable to discern his age based on his videos and appearance.

He rose to prominence after performing Sleazy Flow by SleazyWorld. He has also sought in the past to develop a story about being particularly affluent. 

However, his supporters chastised him for seeming wealthy than he is, pointing out that he only ever displayed little quantities of cash.

The artist acknowledged to being homeless and discussed how things became challenging, particularly towards 2020. Lalo has also faced criticism for allegedly inciting gun violence after making handgun sounds with his mouth. However, he said it was


Lalo Gone Brazy’s Death Rumors

Lalo Gone Brazy’s Death Rumors Source: Google Images

A tweet in 2022 claimed that Lalo had died. According to Twitter messages, the TikToker was transported to the hospital after being shot at a park.

"June 27th, 2022: A TikToker by the name Lalogonebrazzy has been rushed to the hospital after getting shot in a park during his live he is in the hospital in heavy condition due to 2 bullets wounds my prayers go to him," stated the tweet.

After the tweet went viral, Lalo's supporters were devastated. When the news began to circulate on the internet, many people assumed he had died.

Lalo Gone Brazy’s Death Rumors Source: Google Images

However, his admirers were perplexed because the TikToker had released a video just hours before the news came. No confirmation has been received from any of Lalo's agents.

Later that day, Lalo appeared live on TikTok, definitively proving the claims false. Some followers were still skeptical since his screen went entirely dark throughout the live stream.

Despite the claims, Lalo Gone Brazy is still alive and well, creating material online.



lalogonebrazzy Source: Google Images

Lalo Gone Brazy, the TikTok sensation from Mexico, has made waves with his energetic and creative content. At just 23 years old, he's amassed a massive following with his rhymes, lip-syncing, and distinctive trumpet intros. Despite facing rumors about his well-being, Lalo remains alive and actively producing content, leaving fans entertained and intrigued by his unique persona.

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