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  2. Critics target her for how she looks

“Leave Face Alone”: Lady Gaga Is Under Criticism For Her Appearance

Lady Gaga, the music sensation and style icon, has not only wowed us with her talent but also with her ever-changing look. From her early days to now being a global icon, Gaga has embraced various styles, showing off different forms of beauty. Whether she's all glammed up for the red carpet or keeping it natural, she always expresses her versatility and confidence.
Despite that, she has faced her fair share of negative comments about her look. While some accuse her of undergoing cosmetic procedures, others disparage her for having an overly flashy sense of style. Recently, at the premiere of the movie Maestro, she once again faced heavy criticism about her appearance.

Lady Gaga’s latest appearance

Lady Gaga surprised fans by reuniting with Bradley Cooper, her on-screen and off-screen friend, at the premiere of his latest movie, Maestro. Despite not starring in the film, she attended to show her unwavering support for Cooper. Gaga flaunted a new and captivating look, but fans were quick to offer criticism.
At the movie screening, Lady Gaga wore an Alexander McQueen black suit adorned with embroidered and beaded orchids, complemented by the Jimmy Choo Ellipse clutch. While many admired her support for Cooper, the public sparked a critical discussion about Gaga's appearance.

Critics target her for how she looks

Lady Gaga at age 37 Source: Collin Xavier/Abaca/East News
At 37 years old, Lady Gaga has openly shared that she has not undergone any cómetic surgery. However, back in 2013, she confessed to being obsessed with facial injections. Fortunately, a concerned friend helped her give up this thought, breaking free from that habit.
Fans didn't hold back in criticizing Gaga, urging her to “She needs to leave her face alone.” Others shared a sense of nostalgia, commenting, “She’s only 37, I don’t know why she felt she needed this much Botox and filler. She used to be so pretty, but now looks like a wax statue.”
Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Source: Getty Images
Cooper also faced scrutiny as fans noticed changes in his cheeks, with some suggesting both stars should reconsider the use of fillers.
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