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'Kindred' TV Show Review: Most Objective Review

Searching for the Kindred TV Show review? Here we go! It is always intriguing to see how successful novels get adapted into films decades after they were first published. For example, the ambitious novel Kindred by Octavia Butler is now making its way to our televisions 43 years after it was first published. What caused it to take such a long time?
It takes some effort to write a story that moves back and forth between 1815 and the current day or a very recent past. On the other hand, it's possible that the topics discussed at the time were too delicate for television's state. However, due to FX, a brand new series based on the novel is now available to stream on Hulu. Will the series be able to live up to the novel's expectations?

#1. Kindred TV Show Review

Kindred TV Show Review Source: Kindred
The woman can pull herself up onto her feet and has welts bleeding on her back. Dana James is completely clueless about Kevin's whereabouts. She gives herself an Epsom salt bath to calm her nerves. She later refuses to answer the door when the police come to do a welfare check at the residence.
Two days earlier, Dana James, played by Mallori Johnson, is in the house. She recently relocated to Los Angeles from Brooklyn. Dana got enough from selling the brownstone her grandmother left for her to buy this place near Silver Lake, and she still has enough money left over for her to pursue her dream of writing for television soap operas.
She has dinner plans with her aunt Denise, played by Eisa Davis, and Denise's husband, Alan (Charles Parnell). Her aunt, who is a nurse and believes that Dana should pursue something that has a little more stability, expresses disapproval whenever Dana discusses selling the brownstone and her plans to write for television. When Dana mentions these plans, her aunt gives her negative feedback.


Kindred TV Show Review
She realizes as she is leaving the frustrating dinner that she needs a phone charger, and her waiter, Kevin Franklin (Micah Stock), not only provides her with a charger but also offers to drive her home. They engage in conversation and immediately get along well. She extends an invitation to him to take the LPs she moved from Brooklyn, which he is thrilled about because he was in a band and had a passion for music.
That night, Dana has what she believes to be a highly vivid dream: She wakes up at a house in what appears to be a much more distant past than the present. She rolls the boy over and hears two women conversing in the hallway. The baby was lying on his stomach in the cot. She immediately identifies one of the women as her mother, Olivia (Sheria Irving), who passed away with her father when she was two. She concludes that she must have been sleepwalking because she finds herself in an unusual position when she returns.


Kindred TV Show Review
After arguing with Denise, she calls Kevin and asks him to give her a ride while she spends a significant amount of money on furniture and other items to complete the house. They get to know one another during the day, and later that night, they engage in sexual activity. But she does wake up to grab a glass of water, and then she vanishes again to prevent the same boy, Rufus Weylin (David Alexander Kaplan), from drowning when he is a little bit older.
When she finally returns, drenched in water and completely spent, she tells Kevin everything that happened. Naturally, he doesn't believe her until he witnesses her disappearing and reappearing in front of his very eyes. When she reappears for the third time, she is confronted with a surprising revelation: her mother, who asserts that she has been trapped in this era for more than a decade.

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Kindred TV Show Review
Kindred can take an unexpected turn for the worst if the program writers focus on the incorrect aspect of Dana's time travel experience. However, it is undeniably an intriguing premise that raises many concerns. Because of this, we will continue to watch to see if any of these questions are answered.
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