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  1. Kim's Struggle With Discipline
  2. Kim's Female-Dominated Household
  3. Kanye's Surprising Reaction
  4. Kim And Kanye's Divorce Settlement Details

Kim Kardashian 'Scared Out Of Her Mind' To Tell Kanye West She Hired A 'Manny’ To Give Her Son A Male Influence

In the latest episode of "The Kardashians," Kim Kardashian revealed her decision to hire a male nanny, or "manny," to assist in parenting her seven-year-old son, Saint. This move is a response to the challenges she faces in being strict and disciplining her children due to her busy schedule.
In this article, we'll delve into the details of Kim's decision, her family dynamics, and how her ex-husband, Kanye West, reacted to the new addition to their children's lives.

Kim's Struggle With Discipline

Kim's Struggle With Discipline Source: Google Image
Kim Kardashian, a mother of four, admits to struggling with strict discipline in her household. She attributes this difficulty to her parents' leniency when she was growing up. Given her busy lifestyle, she felt the need for a partner who could share the responsibility of discipline and child-rearing. This desire led to the introduction of a male nanny into her family.
"It's really hard for me to be really strict and to discipline a lot. My parents weren't strict at all and sometimes because I'm really busy, it would be amazing if I had a partner who would tap me out and take over and handle it but, you know, it can't happen like that."

Kim's Female-Dominated Household

Kim's Female-Dominated Household Source: Google Image
Kim describes her family as "very female-dominated," which spurred her decision to hire a male nanny. She believed that having a male figure around, especially for her son, Saint, would be beneficial. Her decision to hire a "manny" initially raised concerns about how her ex-husband, Kanye West, would react.
"I really wanted a male around that would be picking them up and taking them to sports, and I was scared out of my mind to tell their dad that.”

Kanye's Surprising Reaction

Kanye's Surprising Reaction Source: Google Image
Kim was hesitant to inform Kanye West about the male nanny but was pleasantly surprised by his response. When Kanye met the nanny, he not only welcomed him but also set expectations for his role in Saint's life. Kanye emphasized the importance of teaching their son to be self-reliant and not making things too easy for him. Kim stated:
“I was scared out of my mind to tell their dad (about the manny.) When he was dropping off the kids, Kanye introduced himself and played (soccer) with Saint and him. He was so nice to him. I was like, ‘Oh my god. OK. That’s great.’”

Kim And Kanye's Divorce Settlement Details

Kim And Kanye's Divorce Settlement Details Source: Google Image
Kim Kardashian initiated her divorce from Kanye West in early 2021, with the process concluding in November 2022. They opted for joint custody, ensuring "equal access" to their four children: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.
A notable aspect of their agreement is Kanye's commitment to provide $200,000 monthly in child support, covering half of their educational and security expenses. This financial pledge underscores their shared commitment to the well-being of their children, despite the dissolution of their marriage, and showcases their dedication to responsible co-parenting.
Kim Kardashian to hire a male nanny Source: Google Image
Kim Kardashian's decision to hire a male nanny, or "manny," reflects her commitment to providing a balanced upbringing for her children, despite her busy schedule. Her amicable co-parenting relationship with Kanye West demonstrates their shared dedication to their children's well-being. This recent insight into their lives offers a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of co-parenting in the public eye.
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